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ZeGaWa Oct 14, 2016

  1. Fruit

    Fruit New User User

    Hi, I'm Fruit. A lot of oldies know me, and I hope to get to know the new! I've been in the EZE clan since it was created a long time ago. I'm glad to see it still going strong in the UNLOZE server! Anyways, I like talking on the mic, but it will take some time for me to get adjusted with a new community right now. I've played in the Bor3dgaming Servers for a long ass time and been an admin for them for a while. I'm really laid back and easy going, I like to make friends with a lot of people. Right now, I'm just trying to get comfortable in the server and see if I really do want to come back. @Glacius I'm not officially back yet, but we'll see. I'm going to be playing until I make a decision around Christmas.
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  2. Abs 2

    Abs 2 Well-Known User User Event Winner

    Hello my real name is Abdi (but abs is fine) and live in Denmark (Roskilde). Im 18 years old, soon 19 (next saturday) psst admun westersand event for me :D Irl i´ve just graduated as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, so feel free to add me on steam or whatever so we can make your life as healthy as possible while gaming as well. Enough about that boring stuff ;)
    Just wanted to appreciate all of you guys doing an amazing job with this server. I´ve been playing ze for around 6 month and not regretted one single moment! GOOD JOB!! One more thing! I know that some of you dont like my behaviour in-game and think im "cancer", cuz to be honest i dont exactly have the best experience as a defender, due to getting caught almost every single time i try to defend xD However, i will do my best to improve and help the team as much as i can! Hopefully, in time you won´t recognize me as a boosted single-minded player, but more as a team player that helps everyone. Lastly, some of you have requested to see a picture of me so there you go! (#hateandracism incoming)


    Ps. idk how to smile :/
    Pss. I know i´m black, but atleast im not gay! (or am i :O ?)

    See you on Unloze, the best server for Admun Aboose <3
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  3. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

  4. t1nyy

    t1nyy Well-Known User Retired Admin User

    The only one female who is quite active is Zena :hdlenny:
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  5. dany

    dany New User User

    Hello, my name is Hard_GayTazer or Dany on the real life !!
    I'm 23 years old, and off cours i am GAY. But no a baguette like Zegawakaéhéh :D
    I like sing, dance, make movie, write story..
    I play CSS since 10 years and more. I have many games like H1Z1 , overWatch, ARK, GTA 5...

    I have FAcebook, Snapchat (dany.wanufel) , and instagram ! and more !

    Follow me baby <3

    And you know what ? I have pictures of me =>
    16998722_250075728784411_866431194888514154_n.jpg 20525601_333033790488604_2183950444936526932_n.jpg 20768079_337719113353405_2598294882026357851_n.jpg
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  6. vinto

    vinto /420\ From Weed garden /420\ VIP User

    Oh god, he's coming :kappa:
  7. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    My face when I see the pictures.
  8. u egg

    u egg Admin Admin User

    Silly Dany! Actually I'm belgian as well and he totally looks like someone I know uh ohh...
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  9. t1nyy

    t1nyy Well-Known User Retired Admin User

    Woah ladies, keep it PG :smug:
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  10. Hello!

    My name is Luis in real life, but in-game i'm Batatatatatata! (maybe some more tata's, but you got it)

    I only play 2 games currently: Dofus and CS Source!

    I started my CS adventure playing gun game mode, but when i met zombie mode/escape, i started playing that for a very long time and i still play it! There's a lot of teamwork implicit on it and i really love that!

    Thanks for reading!
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  11. Nanami

    Nanami let me die VIP User Event Winner

    Hay, I'm Nanami. I'm a mysterious person since 2 years.
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  12. Kyojn

    Kyojn Pam lover Admin User

    "I also cut onions in my spare time and write FanFiction, I can show you my long list of OC's and Ponies but it would take too long seeing that my mentality farly outweighs yours, PS. I'm not going through a phase I swear!"
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