Unloze Global Rules

UNLOZE Global Rules
These are the written rules involving every medium run by Unloze.
It involves the most important rules that should be followed.
Note that there are some specific situations that are not covered in these lists.
This is simply because they are context specific, and you may receive a punishment for them that will be based on context.
Admins have guidelines for how to deal with these cases.
Just use common sense/sensible logic and you will be fine in most situations.

Additional note that the time-span added for each punishment may increase/decrease depending on your previous punishments, or the judgement of the admin.
Should you ever feel that a ban or ban-length is unjustified, you are free to make an unban appeal here on the forum.

Forum Rules:

  • The forum is categorized by topics. Please post your topics in the appropriate sections.
  • The following posts are not allowed:
    • Spamming. All automated messages & advertisements will be deleted immediately and user account may be remove.
    • Advertisements.
    • Suspicious, non-trustworthy & malicious links.
    • Sensitive information about yourself or others. Personal information is allowed to a safe extent.
  • You yourself are always responsible for the content you post.
  • Privacy for admin/player reports and unban appeals:
    • We are not going to warn you. As a result, the offending accounts may be banned.
    • This rule is not broken by prefixing your message with "I know I'm not supposed to post here" or "Sorry for posting here.

General Server Rules:

  • Any form of hacking or cheating in our servers will result in a permanent ban without warning, period. No exceptions.
  • Bunnyhop scripts, freescrolls, hyperscrolls and macros or other similar mechanics that gives players
    an unfair advantage will result in a bhop restriction and may lead to a minium ban of 1 hour.
  • Team Killing and Trolling with items is prohibited, any attempt may result in 24h eban and without warning.
    • Exceptions on the following Zombies Escape maps: ze_Mountain and ze_Paranoid.
    • Certain exception on the Minigame server.
  • Abusing glitches and bugs from anything such as maps, items, commands will result in a punishment.
    Depending the severity of your action you can receive a slay, kick or ban.
  • If you want to use your microphone, speak only English.
  • Abusing commands involving calling admins, such as but not limited to “!calladmin”, will result in a gag lasting a minimum of 24h.
  • The following type of sprays are not allowed:
    • Pornographic and sexual content involving genitals.
    • Pictures depicting underage people as models, in a sexual manner or in a sexually hinting way.
    • Spraying any of these will result in an in-game spray ban. This rule is not negotiable and if an admin deems your spray as against the rules, that is the final word.
  • Rejoining just to avoid a self mute (!sm) is considered an exploit and will lead to you receiving an extended mute of at least 24h.

Zombie Escape Rules:

  • Inflating or Teamwork between human and zombies is prohibited, any attempt will result in a warn, a kick or a ban up to 1 hour.
    Inflating may give you a direct ban. Any new attempt after the first ban will increase the duration of this one.
  • Griefing in any way (knifing, shooting or pushing zombie forward) is prohibited, any attempt will result in a kick or a ban even if your attempt failed.
    Any new attempt after the first ban will increase accordingly.
  • General exploits of maps and items (such as edging on purpose or using glitch spots that give you an unfair advantage) will result in a kick or a slay.
  • If you have intentionally pushed a zombie forward with an item/material, you'll be also receiving an e-ban for 24h. (An e-ban is a restriction from picking up items)
  • Picking up items/materias only to throw them away, never using them or intentionally misusing them may result in an e-ban.
    • During try-hard sessions such as events, you are often expected to have a basic understanding of how using an item works.
    • If you do not know, or refuse to listen to people trying to teach you, you may have the item taken away from you or even be restricted.
  • Joining the Spectator team or re-joining the server as the only zombie alive during a round will result in a ban up to 1 hour without warning.
  • Interrupting someone trying to lead a map during a tryhard session or an event will result in a mute without warnings.
    • The length of the mute will be between 1 min and the map/event duration.
    • This includes trying to mislead a team on purpose.

Minigame Rules:

  • Interrupting someone trying to lead a map during a tryhard session or an event may result in a mute without warnings.
  • The length of the mute will be between 1 min and the map/event duration.
    • Example maps: Serpentis, aer fabula, remsopor, pw_haze_full.
  • Using the voice chat to play songs/sounds are allowed to a greater extent on this server as long as it is generally appreciated.
  • However, if what you are playing is annoying/ear-raping/general disturbing or annoying sounds then you will be muted.
  • Team Killing and Trolling with items is allowed to the extent where it does not completely disrupt the gameplay in the server.
    • An example situation where team killing is not allowed: Shooting the flying machine in aer fabula.
  • Ghosting and revealing positions of players in-game modes that are based around hunting (such as HNS or Prop hunt) is not allowed and will result in a ban.

Zombie Riot Rules:

  • Destroying/moving props being used as barricades to the extent that the barricade is nullified is prohibited.
    • On the first offence, the player shall be warned/kicked. Further attempts will result in a ban.
  • Using the voice chat to play songs/sounds are allowed to a greater extent on this server.
    • However, if what you are playing is annoying/ear-raping/general disturbing or annoying sounds then you will be muted.
  • Excessive spamming of the normal smoke grenade is punishable. (This excludes poison smoke and any other smoke perk earned through the RPG plugin)

GunGame Rules:

  • Ghosting and revealing positions of players.
  • No Camping.
  • You must get 1 kill with your current weapon to level up.
    If you get a kill with weapon out of order, it will not count towards your level.
    You can gain 1 level by PLANTING or DEFUSING the bomb.
  • You can steal a level from an opponent by knifing them.
    You will receive your next weapon immediately when you level up.
    If you commit suicide you will lose 1 level.
  • There is a grace period at the end of each round to allow players to switch teams.

Jailbreak Rules:

  • Admins decisions are final.
  • No Ghosting.
  • Do not weapon spam.
  • Do not freekill.
  • No advertising of other communities or servers.
  • No kids with high-pitched voice on mic.
  • Do not deliberately delay the ending of rounds (e.g., by avoiding !lr or excessive camping).
  • No detours / no delays is implied in all commands
  • You may not speak over the Warden.
  • Only Ts can use special weapons (infinite ammo, speed and other weapons that give advantages)
  • If the prison doors are open before any orders/commands are given by the warden, then it is a freeday
    • Freeday = Terrorists can do anything they want, but if they aim a GUN towards any guard (CT), they will be killed
  • Last Request (LR) rules
    • LR must be played fairly
    • Do not interfere with other players in LR
    • CTs can refuse custom LRs (Knife guntoss, Climb, Bhop, Nade guntoss, etc)
    • Anything a T has done is to be forgiven once starting the first LR.

CT/Guard Rules of JailBreak:

  • CTs must have a mic or be an experienced player to play CT
  • CTs must give warning before killing Ts, except if it’s a rebelling or an escaping T
    • Warnings can be warningshots or verbal in voicechat
  • CTs who get too close to a T (baiting) can be attacked. However if a T is chasing a CT, the T can be killed.
  • CTs must help the warden and not wander around the map. Exceptions can be rebellers or warden commands.
  • CTs cannot order Ts to stay in cells / go in cells when prison doors are open
  • CTs cannot give guns to Ts (Empty (toygun) can be given with the wardens approval)
  • CTs cannot give freedays as a prize.
  • CTs cannot order Ts to do something which will kill them unfairly
  • CTs are not allowed to issue tricky or misleading commands
  • CTs cannot exit armoury via vents / teleports at any time
  • CTs cannot camp in armoury / vents / medic or secrets
    • Exception being going after a T. Please do not camp vents for to long.
    • CTs have to leave the armory within 15-20 seconds of round start.
  • CTs cannot teamkill
  • CTs should only enter a vent when they have a valid reason (the vent is open / T is missing)
  • Warden cannot order multiple special days in a row


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