CT biased?

Malala 2

Jul 13, 2020
sure we can add new roles but the problematic thing is associating themes to forum sub categories and assocating that again to the roles.
Is it really that much harder than it was to create a subforum for admins/vips


Aug 27, 2017
Respect for @TrapWHre to make ZE competitive again. Sadly it's always the same cycle, an old tryhard comes back to ZE, gets shocked and tries to change it, but you will never beat the system. I think the only time we ever conquered forced stufff was when 0 ping was implemented, which was obviously a great idea if it worked cleanly. Sadly it was broken shit and I think every server that ever added it (CSS and CSGO) all removed it and even that took months. Sadly the Tech team takes everything personal here if you complain about added elements.

What I do want to say is that everyone has different opinions about this, for example I think /zcleanse is one of the most innovative and fun additions to ZE while others still complain about it till this day. Also I think transparency is the worst addition ZE ever had, because there is 0 motivation anymore to get in front of the human team to get a better vision (to see zombies better so you can hit better/see lasers better/etc.) while taking more risk due to being more proximate to the danger.

These days we do discuss some new gameplay elements with votes in the VIP corner. I think we should open this maybe for everyone with 1 year forum account+X posts (or whatever criteria).

I will write more this weekend.
we still have 0 Ping. but not for the lasers.