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    melpy's applcation

    Sorry for the hiccup with this thread, your application [Internalized Oppression] Akismet filter and was stuck in moderation queue. Should be all good now.
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    Why You Still Playing Cs:s in 2021 ?

    I have invested way too much time and effort into the game-mode to fully quit. :tbc:
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    Custom background for CS:S

    I fixed it for you. Also, the signature toggle is there to avoid having extremely long signatures printed multiple times in threads when people post.
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    Custom background for CS:S

    What in the fuck is this? You know you can just use a center tag, right?
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    Chinese solowin

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    Good mivies to watch?

    I hear Pornhub is pretty good.
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    I can't find server in server browser, and connection through console doesn't work

    I assume this is no longer an issue as you're currently connected to the server.
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    Event #284 || Tie-Breaker Poll

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    About server-rule warnings.

    We rarely permaban players for minor infractions but as seen from the two specimens linked above, the bans get quite long after a few.
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    shoutbox ?

    Shoutbox issue should be fixed. Buying VIP is currently disabled due to the API not working, so even if you buy VIP it won't work.
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    shoutbox ?

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    shoutbox ?

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    yuben Application

    Probably a little off-topic but I think the application template should be updated to fit MG / ZR since the question 5) is strictly ZE.
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    Meme Event #70 || "KEKW"

    Testing Discord Integration
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    Meme Event #69 | | "OMEGALUL"

    Testing Discord Integration