Hassan Nov 27, 2018

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    The Anglo menace must be dealt with. Anglos, like Jimmy Savile, view us not as human beings, but as nourishment for their demonic hunger. The Anglo feeds off of the blood and suffering of innocent children, it cannot survive without fulfilling its sadistic nature. The screams and cries of the innocent children are music to the Anglo's ears, their agony rejuvenates it's evil spirit, it can only find fulfillment in these sadistic acts.

    The Anglo demon inflicts suffering upon all people, but it's favorite target is the Aryan. The horrible Anglo is filled with blood lust at the sight of a blonde haired and blue eyed child, it cannot contain it's evil nature. The Anglo lures little Hans in with its beady eyes, and sends him off to the blood refinery, in preparation for their annual feast.

    We are all in danger if these things continue to live among us. Jimmy Savile got away with it, not because he was smarter than everyone else, but because they were all complicit. The Anglo's nature is so demented, that it cannot help but hurt its own children when the blood refinery runs dry. They are parasites on this world, if we don't address this problem they will either turn us into cattle to feed their maniacal desires, or kill us all and then themselves by their very nature. The Calculating God, the Anglo will stick you into some bangers and mash and wash you down with your own blood, why do you idolize them?
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  2. Hassan

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    jimmy savile was smart but nobody is smarter than me. jimmy savile praises The Calculating God in his grave.

    i idolize only myself because nobody is greater than me. i m masturbating while i watch myself in the mirror.
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    Freudian Slip.

    Otherwise maybe you could send us a picture of yourself so we can masturbate all together in harmony watching you ?
  4. Hassan

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