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ShadowCreepy Sep 30, 2019

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  1. ShadowCreepy

    ShadowCreepy VIP VIP

    1.General Information.

    I hope you enjoy reading my admin application.
    My nick is ShadowCreepy, my oldest ones are "Creepy", or "Dr.Joint".
    I am 20 year old Male from Poland (29/04/1999 is my birthday).
    My steamid is
    PS: if you want to add me read description.
    I'm applying for zombie escape server.
    My current activity on unloze zombie escape is decent, I always play here because you guys play more interesting maps, also l like your settings.
    2. Why do l want to be an admin?

    I would like to become admin of this server, because I would like to test my skills on more popular server, like unloze.
    If l would become admin here, I could try making creative events every 1-2 weeks.
    I am also very active at Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
    Another reason is that l want to meet some new people and possible new co-workers.
    Also l would like players who play here, to feel safe and enjoy playing on this server/community in general.
    3.What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit you as admin?

    I had my admin duty on many servers, on many games, I dont want to list all of them but l just gonna list a few.
    I was admin on like 10 Garry's mod servers, only zombie survival, I also was an admin on one cs 1.6 jailbreak server back in 2014.
    The things that would benefit me are simple, I am hard working person and l can help anyone with anything. I'm also very good advisor, and l know what ls good or bad.
    I can handle any difficult task you will give me, and l do my best to accomplish it.
    4. Can you play during edgy hours?

    No, I cant this early, I wake up at 5:00 AM but l always stay in my bed and sleep after 5 min.
    5. Imagine you as brand new admin, you suspect player to inflate on purpose.
    Well, basically if it's a known person for inflating, and he keep being zombie at beginning of a round, then l would be 60% sure that he inflated. BUT we still not sure, maybe this inflator could be AFK and stuff, so if I think that player was really inflator, I check demos, to see how this action looked like, if l see him like getting very close to zm while shooting him, and he got infected, I am 100% sure it's a reason to ban him.
    Also if he is AFK and after getting infected he started moving, it is a reason to ban as well.(unless he go spectator)
    PS:I'm talking about good/decent player who is very good etc. Its example of course.

    6. Other stuff and/or last words.
    Well, my personality is actually pretty simple, I prefer laughing and have fun mostly, and l am person with very high requirements.
    I also like to listening to hard bass music alot (not some Russian music, but real hard bass).
    I hope you guys enjoy reading my application, if you guys find anything that have error in my application please let me know and l do my best to fix it. (Talking about grammar and stuff because English is not my first language, its good but sometimes my keyboard is shit sometimes...).:CTUmbrella:

  2. -Hudda

    -Hudda Meatropolian Senior Admin

    First and foremost Thank you for applying.
    I never really saw you as admin material untill now. Your playtime is good often exceeding the 3-4 hour mark but I just feel like you won't fit in with the the rest of our admin team. You're also a trial admin on Nide as far as I know. I feel like you'll struggle where to play as you have to be evaluated by both our team and Nide's. Feel free to prove me wrong.
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  3. ShadowCreepy

    ShadowCreepy VIP VIP

    Hi! Thanks for rating my application.
    Yes l am trial admin on nide, however I can play on both servers as much as l can even tho I am trial on nide, I can be trial here as well. Trust me l can play on both servers since l was lead admin on one server on Garry's mod, and normal admin on cs go.
    We didnt managed to talk with each other that much maybe on server (I think this is why you think l might not fit), so l hope we will get better relationship and get to know each other on server and l hope you will change your mind.
    PS: If you think l wont fit, it would be helpful for me to know the cons etc, so l can sort this out.
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  4. Klixus

    Klixus User Retired Admin

    Traitor. To the gulag with you!
    Jk ofc, good luck. +1
  5. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Admin

    A decent dude. Good luck!
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  6. Bro Man Salam

    Bro Man Salam New User

    Good luck !
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    GHOSTIE User

    +1 nice admin and friendly person
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  8. Zeus

    Zeus Active User Retired Admin VIP

    +1, showed ability to take responsibilites & shows respect.
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  9. Bane

    Bane Admin Admin VIP

    +1, good luck man!
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  10. anwar2r

    anwar2r User

    Really active player, Good luck shadow
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  11. @.Shine0NN

    @.Shine0NN Evillll Movee IS My Life VIP

    +1 Active and nice guy good luck
  12. D()G@N

    D()[email protected] SoftServeMapsBestMaps Developer Senior Admin

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