Komodo's Admin Application (second try)

Komodo-A-Hawk Jun 29, 2020 at 7:33 AM

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  1. Komodo-A-Hawk

    Komodo-A-Hawk User Member

    1. General Information :
    -Nickname : KomodoKingZ
    -Age : 15 (nearly 16) (the last one was just a lie that made me denied)
    -Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:219619507
    -Server(s) applying for : Zombie Escape [ZE]
    -Current Activity : Online with a playing schedule

    2. Why do I want to be admin :
    I have been for 2 years (or more) in this ZE community. I felt that I just want to manage the servers because of the current server state. I felt that the server needs more attention to the bad things that has happened.

    3. Past Experience :
    I've got some experience from admins like Vanster and Dazhkar. I learned from them how to be a good admin. I don't want to be a useless admin. I will make my opportunity as worthful forever.

    4. Can I play during edgy hours:
    Yes, I can play during edgy hours. I like waking up early. 1am-2am is possible. I will try my best.

    5. If I suspect a player that has inflated at purpose:
    I will warn him. If he still rejects untill the 3rd warning, I will make hard choices for him to choose. I'll make sure he's serious at the moment. Consequences are consequences as always.

    6. Other Stuff :
    Sorry about the fact that I lied about my age. It's the reason I got denied. I still have my high-pitched voice because of singing. This have been one of my biggest regrets in this UNLOZE Community. Hopefully this second-try application can get me accepted. Thank you.
  2. Vanster

    Vanster kyōfu wo oshiete yarō Senior Admin VIP

    The reason you have been denied last time wasn't because you we're a kid or anything that regard.
    We wouldn't look at the age that much when recruiting Admin, what matters is if you act mature or not.
    Still it indeed had a small part in it why you have been denied, but it was not the core problem.
    There are small things still which we find important to when looking at our applicants.
    I have told you on the last Message, that your age wouldn't matter as long as you follow the rules, behave and act mature.
    However you still do not talk much or hardly at all. And that would be a Problem.
    So we would have someone joining the team we don't know at all or don't know much.
    Same applies for the players to, having an admin they can easily talk to ingame makes things A LOT easier to manage.
    Make people recognize you by actively playing on the Server and get us to know you better.

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