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Schicksal Jul 31, 2018

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  1. Schicksal

    Schicksal Renowned User User Event Winner

    I wanted to give some last words from my side since I really don’t want to invest my time anymore into this game mode and css at all. Before I will start with my words I want to thank everyone that I have played with as much as in the bad days and good days. I really enjoyed every single second of this game mode and I still wish newer players will do the same. Also I want to thank some guys for becoming somehow a family to me in this game mode. I will surely never forget these days but as much as I loved this game everything must end at one point. The only time I will play will be when Moltard and DormantLemon released their new maps. After that I will be completely gone. Also I am sharing interest towards other games.

    So I wanted to speak about some stuff people didn’t understand throughout the years because I feel like it’s my right to do so. I am going to say some stuff about a game called “css”, my leadership, admin stuff, my caused “drama” and the future of this game.

    Let’s start talking about css and how it is still a game like every other. You guys should understand first what a game is about. It is about having fun and enjoying it. Not about shitting on other people. Since my first time I went into this game mode, it was toxic as fuck, people that knew each other for a longer while made fun of others that were not playing “as good as” them ze_maps because they obviously had a bit more experience than others. They thought beating mako or westersand made them ultimately a god. What a joke that people still consider the same and I still see the same shit going on from time to time. I tried my best to change things like this, making everyone feel welcome and having fun just by playing. Meanwhile people outside are legit dying in civil war or whatever else this thing people call “internet” has become a place where others make fun of others because of whatever reason. I will come later to this point again.

    Furthermore to my role as a leader, leading a lot of maps in ze. The first time I started to lead was on i3d. I will explain you guys why I wanted to do so. Just a little side story that should motivate/encourage others to do the same. I saw a person leading on microphone e.g. Skyrim, Westersand… The maps were really hard to beat back in times because not everyone knew what the map was about especially on i3d because of the fact that old school maps were played way more often than Staged maps. That person didn’t lead to bad. But I was there and was like “I can do it better”, not even thinking in an arrogant way. I just wanted to make people work together so much because they were focused on racing and playing mostly solo. People made fun of me, they were shitting on me when I made mistakes which I accepted, but I never gave up.

    So I hope with this story many others will go the same way, not giving up and trying to lead where ever possible, to help newer people as much as working as a team with current people. I never wanted gratitude from people for doing so because I always did it with passion for you guys. It was seriously a pleasure for me every single time we won together as a team, achieving just a victory. I know that I also raged a lot on people therefore for fucking it up, I am not even going to justify it, since I believe for myself that it is wrong as well, but what many don’t understand is that as a leader you have to ensure that 60 people have to listen to you throughout a map that is maybe 10-15minutes long or even more. That is the hardest part to achieve especially in many maps were one flaw is going to result in chain trim. Still I want to apologize to those who still feel offended in any way.

    About the admin stuff is not much to say imo. Unloze is exactly going the right way it should go. Event managing has improved; admins are doing a lot of improvements listening to their player base which is exactly the right way to go. For example the same map cycle rotation… Exactly what you guys should do, keep going like that it’s never too late!!!!

    Now to my caused “drama”. First of all I like the fact that people call me “drama queen” or “crybaby”, or even SJW, which I also laugh about myself actually, because I wanted to get something done for everyone in the server. This is for the haters. The thing you guys didn’t consider is that my “drama” posts fulfilled mostly its purposes.

    Sure I insulted people and it wasn’t the right thing which I also know because I have common sense, I don’t really care about my reputation and can take the blames, since I am on my age to understand, you know, but that was the only language you haters understood. Besides that what you guys call “drama” are for me server issues. And you guys got exactly tricked into what my second purpose was sadly.

    YOU GUYS EXACTLY WASTED YOUR TIME SHITTALKNIG BEHIND A PLAYER IN THE ADMIN CHAT, ABOUT ONE PERSON THAT ACTUALLY TRIED TO IMPROVE THE SERVER STATUS (L M A O). What should I just say to you guys? Well done W A S T I N G your time spending around H O U R S long what “a CRYBABY” or “DRAMA QUEEN” or “SHITTER” or whatever else I would have been. Keep going, shitting on others to make you feel better lmao.

    Meanwhile you guys did that I enjoyed playing my gamesJ.

    So what is left to say about the future of the game? Not much as long as you guys keep working as a team, asking the player base what can be improved on the server, you guys will go the right way. As much as stepping out trying to lead, you guys will improve and enjoy zombie escape even more like me, leading can be really fun, I would suggest it to everyone, don’t be shy just try. So with full trusts on the good ones that are left I hope Unloze will still exist for many more years. Good luck to everyone.

    P.S: I wanted to express my highest gratitude to Ixok, an admin that served this server as well for a long period. He brought a lot of good ideas to this server but didn’t get what he deserved. I feel seriously ashamed on every admin that didn’t thank Ixok for his great work. If someone would have told me before, I would have legit fucked you up “Blue Dragon”. You can keep hiding behind your admin chat like a rat and making fun of others thinking that every retard would “obey” you. I will tell you the difference between my “friends” and yours. In fact my friends are exactly telling me what I should do different, if we have problems we talk about it, we don’t act like because we are friends that everyone could do however he pleases. Neither do we make fun of people somewhere where we think we are “safe”. What you are doing with your friends is something I couldn’t care less about, saying that you broke up with people because they bought “EA” games says enough to let people make fun of you. Or maybe go kick people from FF7 Elites like back in times. Don’t piss on my friends when you are wrong or you will see your days. Just for the times we were friends.

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  2. ZeGaWa

    ZeGaWa ıllıllı вagυeттe ıllıllı Global Admin User Event Manager

    Hi Schicksal \o
    Even if we were not agree everytime and we had some bad word toward each other, I feel like I have to reply to your text not to argue or anything but to wish you good luck in the new path you want to follow.
    I always respected you as a Leader and I know you're not a bad guy that's why I never kept bad feeling for you.
    So believe it or not that's up to you but my good wish for your new life is true.
    Have fun, enjoy life as much as possible like always and come back when Junon Moltard and Dormant maps are done.
    Cya \o
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  3. Nivinski

    Nivinski Sturmbahnführer Technical Staff User Discord Manager

    ~Schicksal, May 11, 2018

    ~Schicksal, Jan 19, 2018

    ~Schicksal, Dec 28, 2016
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  4. Pan32

    Pan32 Emote Officer Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    I do love the part in which you spinned things to make people think your childish rants on the forums were all part of your plan.
    Pretty sure you didn't fool anyone but yourself with that.

    So bye, I guess?
  5. Luke

    Luke Well-Known User User Event Winner

    Feel free to leave, i will never Forget u as a leader.
    I wish u gooood luck for your life, and enjoy it as much as possible.

    BB Schicksal ;)))
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  6. Helmstronk

    Helmstronk VIP VIP User Event Winner

    Schicksal I wish I knew more about you. You made me laugh countless times in the server.
    All I want to say is thanks for leading, and all the good times.
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  7. Midnight Light

    Midnight Light Poner Faggot VIP User Event Winner

    Oh look, another 'goodbye/farewell' post. :lul:

    Guys, we gonna have to start counting how many farewell posts our innocent Schick boi does in his lifetime.

    Ok Shitsalt, we get it. We shall wait till your next farewell post. Oh and, of course, we'll all see you in game today, tomorrow, c'mon we all know you won't be really gone. :wlenny:
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  8. Rascalf

    Rascalf Away Retired Admin User

    Had to log in just to like this post :lul:
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  9. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Global Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Ulan gerizekalı. Sen ayrılırsan, kim kalabalik yaratacak burada. Hadi hayırlı olsun. Görüşürüz
  10. Bird is the Word

    Bird is the Word Trigger free Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    See you in a few weeks fam.
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  11. Ostkand

    Ostkand Latos Admin User Event Winner

    Further solidifying yourself as the Stephen King of forum posters, I see
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  12. tom13king

    tom13king Admin Admin VIP User Event Winner Event Manager

    didnt read lol
  13. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight I'm a knight. And I'm hungry. Retired Admin User Event Winner

    What a wonderful mutual admiration society. Self-esteem must be really low, if it's increased in this pathetic way.

    Anyway, I don't know why am I mentioned in this thread, since I have nothing to do with this topic, but whatever.
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  14. Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge Mapper Mapper User Event Winner

    was glad to play with you. even if we met because of accusations of copy past ;D. Thanks to you, I was able to help Slayerdragon and noctali with westerv8 + another project
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  15. Kaby

    Kaby KEK VIP User Event Winner

    Best leader of zombie escape tbh, great mate through many years of ze, from elite hunterz through i3d to gfl/ unloze. I wish u the best for your future hope to see u again some day. It was always a pleasure to play with u, tons of fun and tryharding. Reminds me of our paramina sessions some years ago, get ur dicks out and fap - its a win xD. Thanks for everything. MAD KabzOr
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  16. 44 Colt

    44 Colt Admin Admin Mapper User

    First Harambe, now schicksal… :harambe:

    I will include memorial in my 9-11 map :wlenny:.
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  17. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Admin Admin VIP User Event Winner Event Manager

    Thank you for your assiduity since all these years on ZE. I always appreciated your leading through maps on different servers. It was a pleasure to play with you. Hard to believe you stop this game. I hope I will still see you around occasionally, especially during events, when we tryhard. This is how you like ZE :p
    I wish you the best.
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  18. Luke

    Luke Well-Known User User Event Winner

    I will miss him.
  19. vinto

    vinto /420\ From Weed garden /420\ VIP User

    I agree mostly with all you said, even if i didn't agree everytime with you, i remember trashtalking each others (mostly because, i think, u are salty, or used to be and i don't like it). BUT i wish you the best, you were a good leader, and for sure it will feel a little empty without this lead.I respect you for that.
    Some peoples will have to improve their leadership, or continu like this to make sure we can beat hard maps in the future. BTW, in advance, i see coming all the peoples saying "schicksal isn't here anymore, we don't have leader, blabla", no thats not true, it's not because a good leader is gone the party is over.
    Anyway, Niv made a good points with his quote, you should not tell so often you leave ZE because obviously, like us, you love it too much and come back :kappa:

    Have fun in your games
  20. FinalChaos/Simona(mmo) ♡

    FinalChaos/Simona(mmo) ♡ Well-Known User User Event Winner

    Schicky, I understand everything which you wrote. You've always had my respect and to this day I see you as one of the most important and loyal gamers this server and CSS community had. I can tell you, eventho many won't agree that you will be missed. Maybe we will see each other again someday ingame of any game. At least if you accept my friend request. I wish you well. Seek and do what makes you happy in life.
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