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    Advice for New Graphics Card

    Yeah, if u can go for the 1650 super and is cheaper, go for it, even with the 4gb of vram, u can play halo at +50 fps in low.
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    Advice for New Graphics Card

    U can check bottlenecks here: Also i recommend u a 1060 since dx 12 is supported from 9xx and above, and graphic cards are way too expensive now for series 2000 and 3000
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    Event idea

    I guess that would be the admin's decision
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    Event idea

    Different maps, since most wont be played at night and wasted.
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    Event idea

    First of all i dont know if it will be possible or well received, but if u like it, i think it could be fun. The idea is spending one week playing all the maps of the sv, but without repeating any of them until all are played. (1 week cd until every map is played) Saturday and sunday afternoon...
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    About my suggestion concerning maps nominations and votes

    Every player can nominate the map they like to play, but if you wait until you see someone nominate paranoid or others, is not their fault that you lost your oportunity. In other hand i think you are right about changing nominate system, but not that specifically.
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    Most virgin map in ze history

    Maybe if people dont "map is broken rtv" like yesterday in castlevania and pkmn_adventure, uchiha and maps like this would be less played.
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    Event #318 || Nomination Thread

    All zombies have at least lv1, and there's no limit to zombie flag.
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    Event #318 || Nomination Thread

    BEAT A FURRY DAY All humans have furry skins. maps: ze_prototype_v2 ze_super_mario_64_v2_b9 ze_survivors_b5 kickers: Zombies have x2 speed. Humans have x1.5 ammo The 10 humans with less dmg in the round will be zombies next round. No bhop.
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    CT biased?

    Maybe the knockback settings and map choices are something, but i think the Leaders/Trolls ratio are more into it. A solution could be maybe more seriousness when those "aut1stic moments" happen, or incentivate people to leading maps, OR just playing more minas.
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    The Nosteamers currently inhabiting Unloze and its consequences have been a disaster for the server population.

    Maybe no-steamers can't knife as human? That and restrictions on items/bhop should solve the problem
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    Rewarding leadership

    Hey, these days I've been thinking about what makes the server alive, and even when is alive what makes it fun, and the conclusion for me at least is leaders. I think that some kind of reward would be great to motivate people to try and not having the same 4 leaders all the time (they do a...