What about the zr? (aka tell us your opinion about what we should improve)

Fatima Aug 31, 2019

  1. Fatima

    Fatima Kebabmin Admin

    Well, hello there fellow users.
    (I have come to make this thread and take some of my time to write it, so it would be nice if you would read it until the end.)
    Since I have been playing on zr(as a regular player and a admin) I, noticed that the population of the server sometimes it's alive, sometimes it's dead (excluding the events)
    Now, I have come to ask you, the players, even if you are a ze normie, and don't play often on zr. I want to ask you guys, what could we do to improve zr? The other question of mine is, how can we make it more entertaining to the player?(also: once we have some suggestions we might make a poll to see what you guys really want) Maybe you want more zr skins, if not for the !shop then VIP skins, if you want to suggest more skins please link the specific skin, and the zr team will see what they can do. You might want something new, maybe different setting for the bots (increase/decrease hp, different zm models, etc...)
    I really want to hear at least your opinion about zr itself, but please if you want to criticise zr make constructive criticism (def: Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one.)
    Thank you for taking your time to read my post, any suggestions are welcome! ~Fatima (now I need a kebab) :wlenny:
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  2. Tim

    Tim New User

    here's some suggestions

    - have events more frequently
    - add new maps periodically
    - offer incentives on ze server for playing zr server
    - more laser mines for vip
    - if there's only 2 players on the server, then 2 votes
    should be required for rtv. often when i'm on the server by myself, someone will join and change the map right away.
    - fix or remove maps with glitches/exploits (example: maps that let the player access spots on the map that weren't intended to be accessed) unless unloze is cool with that
    - disable smoke grenade because it's often used for trolling
    - remove the messages that mention !medic and !rtd since they're disabled
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  3. Fatima

    Fatima Kebabmin Admin

    @Tim we are currently working on having events more frequently.

    About adding new maps, we have currently got in contact with a zr mapper (2 new maps were added recently, there are 2 more maps, but we need to fix some errors), the main problem is we can't find maps, or if we do, they might not be good for zr (if you have map suggestions please show us).

    (it's my own opinion about laser mines) If we would give the VIPs more laser mines it wouldn't be fair for the normal non-vip player.

    The rtv issue is a big one (since bzh constantly rtvs for easier maps).

    About glitches/exploits on a few maps (ex. de_Streets_beta or de_jatapur there are spots where you can get easy kills, it's good if you want to level up/try hard).
    I think we would nerf those OP spots on events because it wouldn't be fair, if someone didn't know about that exploit/glitch.

    You have a point about smokes, if somebody doesn't have the rpg perk, it's annoying to see the smoke, if you see somebody using normal smokes and spamming them please report them to the admin team (using calladmin or messaging somebody from the zr admin team or messaging me).
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  4. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    It's a bit hard to find good ideas for events. TheSilentBang will be busy IRL from now on and i've been too for months. This means only Fatima remains to organize them. She has been promoted to event manager.
    If you have good ideas, feel free to share them!

    Fatima already answered for that.

    I was thinking to exchange RPG levels with VIP. For example, if you reach, level 100, you can reset your rpg to 0 for 1 week of VIP.
    I don't have time to think to something properly balanced but it's in my mind. I think it would bring more people from ZE to ZR.

    I agree with Fatima. Plus, laser mines are just a feature. You can consider each perk in the rpg as a feature and laser mines is just a free one.

    We would need to edit the rtv plugin. I don't know if that's possible to add an exception like this though.

    The mapper could help with that. I think that would be much better too. If those maps have been added it's precisely because we have so few maps, we have to add those.

    Pan32 worked on it and solved the issue. You should just see a pink circle now where the smoke is sent.

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  5. Cyan

    Cyan New User

    I think this makes a lot of sense. As long as the maps are not protected from decompiling, it is possible. Ideally you would contact the original mapper for permission and the original map files, as decompiling can cause problems. However, I understand that with whatever event may be upcoming, there is some time pressure on this. For what it's worth, I don't think adding player clips is against the spirit or intent of the original mapper.

    Onto the topic at hand (my opinion about how I think you could improve the server!):
    It is very map based, but at the moment I think too much camping is encouraged. I have noticed with many maps that often, players will find the single best place to camp and go there every round, so that for 95% of the time you only see 5% of the map. It's the meta strategy, because it is the safest way to get the most kills and XP. The best place to camp often turns out to only have one entrance and exit which bots can use, so you stand, aim, and shoot without really having to aim much again.
    Here is where I will say something controversial: I think that laser mines also encourage this. However, I also think laser mines are a great feature and that it's possible to make the maps work with them in a way that makes camping more interesting if nothing else.
    Unfortunately my proposed fix for too much camping requires radical changes for most maps. I used to run a ZR server and found the same problem. My first idea was to put zombie spawns everywhere, so that you could be attacked from any direction even when camping. But that created a problem: when you were moving, a zombie could spawn right in front of you and catch you.
    So the fix for that was: create many side rooms with windows off existing rooms and corridors with zombie spawns. That way, you could see when the zombies are coming, and unless you were stupid enough to go into the side rooms there was no risk that they would spawn in front of you.
    Of course the problem with this is that there might be no safe places, and it could make the map too hard, especially around CT spawn. It would also increase map file size = longer download times.
    A simpler solution would be to add more entrances and exits to rooms which already see a lot of camping.

    There is another idea I have which is not based on the maps, but I don't know how it would be implemented.
    First I want to say, you did a really good job of balancing the zombies, days, RPG settings etc.! Personally I think it feels like just the right level of challenge. My idea is, would it be possible that when the map is changed, you have several different config files which one is selected at random? Still all 11 days though. So you might have the following:
    -Default 11 days, this would be what we have now
    -A different config, in which there are more days with fast zombies
    -Like the above, but with more tank zombie days
    -Maybe a crazy boss rush config with bosses every 3 days

    I hope these ideas seem interesting and not too critical!
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  6. Fatima

    Fatima Kebabmin Admin

    You have a point with many maps encouraging camping, we need to nerf most OP spots/camping spots, that's when you come into play to help us out Cyan :pepocheer:
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  7. ekim ¼

    ekim ¼ New User

    There is a plugin (dont know the name of it) where you can buy more then just skins. Think unlimited ammo for 1 round, godmode for 60 secs etc

    Its nice to spend credits in the shop, but i would like to use them for something more useful.

    Oh Hi Daz! Can I haz jetpack?

    Edit; I think this one used to work: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1748794
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  8. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Senior Developer

    We don’t have to decompile maps to edit them, it’s 2019 and we have stripper configs now.
    Restricting access to overpowered camp spots and such should not be an issue, but getting a higher up to bother is.
  9. Tom

    Tom Catmin Admin

    @Tim oh hello there, nice nickname
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  10. Tim

    Tim New User

    Thanks for removing smoke without having to remove smoke grenade. I like the addition of the automatic map vote on the last day. Why did they remove that godwana survivor map :'(?

    More suggestions:
    - Shorter respawn time
    - Option to save weapon loadout
    - More props, or ability to spawn props

    idk about good ideas, but the other day i thought of "pistols and lasers" where there's no primary weapon, two secondary weapons if possible, and extra lasers (idk i'm obsessed with !lm). Or what about "human riot" with zombie players and human bots.

    :O likewise @Tom
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  11. Fatima

    Fatima Kebabmin Admin

    Basically, if we would let people to spawn props they would spam it. (there might be a plugin or something to let you spawn x props) but still it sounds like a bad idea.
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  12. alan_8

    alan_8 User

    I've suggested this before but it will never happen, disable the lasers.
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  13. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    I removed the laser mines because it makes players too overpowered with the RPG features.

    I also reduced the respawn time from 30 to 25.
  14. alan_8

    alan_8 User

    Thanks, its actually more fun and challenging now its gone. Used to always see people put down lasers then run off to hide somewhere afk and 99% of their kills are from lasers.

    Ahh now campers in high spots where zombies can't reach them :feelsbadman:
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  15. ABNB

    ABNB New User

    Please bring back zombie_riot_subway_z. It is one of my favorite maps.
    Please remove zombie_riot_christmas_aspen_v2c. The zombies are invisible for parts of the map. Usually right under the ski lift.
    Please remove cs_mall. Again zombies seem to be invisible and don't move.
    I see no reason to have a 60 second time limit for buying weapons. New users come here and are put off because they do not know about !market.
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  16. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Zombie_riot_subway_z is still on the server and still on public for what i see. If you can't nominate it or if it doesn't appear in the nomination menu, please let me know. I'll ask a slave an admin to go and check.
    zombie_riot_christmas_aspen_v2c and cs_mall have been put in admin nomination only.

    You have a point about the 60 sec rules. The first reason it was put on was to avoid cheap weapons to be bought again and again and especially avoid grenades spamming from the spawn on certain maps.
    The !market is here to allow players to buy weapons and ammos without running out of it. I made a list of tips that display in the chat. One of them indicates this : "Write !market in the chat to buy weapons and ammo. "
    With this, it should be clear enough on what to do to get weapons when you join late. Unfortunately, i know only a few read those messages and if i can't rely on other players to inform the new guys, they won't know.
    So i put it on 90 sec for now.
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  17. Spookie

    Spookie New User

    Zombie_riot_subway_z is still there, it just doesnt popup in the nominations that often.
    Speaking of nominations i think it would be a good idea to remove VIP primetime nomination for now, barely anyone nominates a map anyway.

    Is it possible to make players spawn with smoke and HE-nade when they have the skill "Grenade Resupply"? because for the skill to work you need grenades in the first place, if you die after the shop closses your skill has become sort of useless, if not add !he and !smoke plz.

    Btw ammo resupply skill not the grenade one is VIP only and not everyone as stated.

    "RPG-Credits" and "Store-Credits" are both named credits one of them needs a name change.
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  18. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    It should be deactivated. Meanwhile, if not many people nominate then it's not a problem neither.

    I don't think it is but i can probably add !he and !smoke.

    Edited on the forum.

    If it's hard-coded in the plugins as "credits", that's gonna be hard or impossible. but basically, you can only win rpg-credits by levelling up, the rest are store-credits.
  19. SupaDope47

    SupaDope47 New User

    Whaddup peoplz

    I got a map-suggestion:


    i cant add links now since this is my first post, so just search me on gamebanana "MkUltra-Ziegenkaese" and it should show up as my latest submission.

  20. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Admin Admin VIP

    There is already zr_MkZk_proto_v1 on the server. I am confused why you adapt the same map for different gamemodes.
    Also, please edit a current submission to update the map on GameBanana. Don't create a new submission for each update.
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