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Neon Oct 6, 2020

  1. Neon

    Neon Pendulum SQ Senior Developer

    ♪♫♬ Spooky Scary Skeletons ♪♫♬
    Halloween season is right arround the corner and this year the Spirit of Halloween will also be in our CSS:ZE-Server again!
    Starting on 8th October 18:00 CET this Event is going to last until 3rd Novemeber 21:00 CET.

    During this time random pumpkins will spawn inbetween the humans on ALL MAPS. You can collect these pumpkins by shooting them. Don't worry, if someone shoots a pumpkin, the whole human team will be rewarded for it.


    So what do I get with those pumpkins?
    There are certain Milestones you can achieve by collecting the respective amount of pumpkins for each Milestone.

    Infection Effect: 25 Pumpkins
    Infecting someone as a zombie or getting infected yourself will leave a random small halloween ornament behind.

    Grenade Skins: 150 Pumpkins
    Your thrown nades will be replaced with a pumpkin.

    Player Skins: 350 Pumpkins
    You will unlock the following 3 skins via !zclass.

    Grimreaper [ Human ]

    Mad King Thorn [ Human ]

    Skeleton [ Zombies ]

    Additionally the Top Pumpkin Collectors will be rewarded with VIP!!
    Rank 1 (most Presents collected) - 2 Weeks VIP
    Rank 2 & 3 - 1 Week VIP

    You can check out how you are doing compared to other players here:

    New Commands:
    sm_pumpkins [ !pumpkins ] or sm_halloween [ !halloween ]

    Shows how many pumpkins you have collected so far and how many you need for the next Milestone

    sm_highscore [ !highscore ]
    Shows the top pumkin collectors

    Feel free to leave any feedback about the event here in this topic :)
  2. TheSilentBang

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  3. Deadly

    Deadly VIP VIP

    Great event and skins.
  4. Jan

    Jan Admin Admin VIP

    Hello everyone.
    I thought of spicing up the Halloween this year! I will be giving away 3x "1 Month VIP".
    Anyone with over 280 pumpkins will get automatically participate in this giveaway!
    Get hunting and SHOOT THE DAM PUMPKIN!
    PSSSS. I might increase the number of VIPs I'm giving away. BUT DONT TELL ANYBODY! ooook. SHHHH