TMP Clip Size Vote

D()[email protected] Oct 21, 2020


TMP Clip Size?

Poll closed Oct 28, 2020.
  1. 50

    13 vote(s)
  2. 40

    19 vote(s)
  3. 50 but increase rebuy price

    16 vote(s)
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  1. Fellow ZE Players,

    Some Months ago the TMP Clip Size was increased to 50. This decision was taken after a vote between Admins. However there has been several complaints lately on the Server by Players.

    Obviously it's not only the Admin opinions that count here, but also the entire Community. Therefore I've made this vote. It's simple: Do you wish to keep the clip size at 50 or go back to 40.

    Vote will end in 1 Week.
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  2. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Retired Admin VIP

    For me, the TMP is a back paddling weapon (with its rate of fire and faster reload time). However, it is not very accurate, unlike the mp5 for instance. I think 50 bullets make up for this well. I don't feel it is any more OP than p90 or m249. The only reason I can rake up top defending with it is because well, I defend more than most. And use rebuys.

    If anything, its low cost is what could make it OP.

    I'd like to hear some arguments from the displeased players. Why do you wish to decrease the tmp clip size?
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  3. *Off-topic*
    Could you please to buff Famas and Galil? :struppipls:
  4. Kaka

    Kaka Admin Admin VIP

    My issue is that the tmp does so many things for a low price, it got high rate of fire, a fast reload, fast deploy time and a large clip now. A simple reason for me is that it just works in the majority of situations, there aren't many situations when i would pick a p90 over a tmp.

    *off topic*
    Buff auto shotgun and shotgun
  5. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Retired Admin VIP

    Isn't the price the issue then? I fully agree on that remark as I stated myself.
  6. u egg

    u egg Admin Admin

    Well, currently :

    Compared to the P90

    +Faster run speed, faster reload, cheaper (3)
    - Lower accuracy (1)
    = Same clip size, same RoF (2)

    Compared to the MP5

    + Faster RoF, faster reload, cheaper (3)
    - Lower accuracy (1)
    = Same run speed, Same clip size? (2)

    Compared to the M249

    + Higher RoF, faster run speed, faster reload, cheaper, higher accuracy, actually usable while running (6)
    - Smaller clip size (1)
    = None (0)

    There is two options here to make things even : either you reduce the TMP clip size to 40 (giving each gun its identity and usefulness), or you increase the price of the TMP (making each gun average out).

    That's how I feel about the change. Considering only the reduce clip size option is available, I went for it (and prefer it than my other proposed option anyways).
  7. Xperiaz96

    Xperiaz96 New User

    TMP is maybe one of the best weapons to use in ZE, high mobility, short reload time and a pretty solid rate of fire. Seems a little broken in my opinion, but let's not forget about how cheat the rebuys are, literally 300$, you get 10k$ everytime you spawn. At this point you don't even need any other weapon since you already got a masterpiece, a terrifying weapon that can make zombies fly in seconds. I'm not sure if its clipsize is the problem here, I think making the weapon a little more expensive would be better.

    This is just my opinion, however I would prefer an increase of price rather than a smaller clipsize.
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  8. Added 3rd option. You may revote if you want to change your vote.
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  9. meanwhile i set the clip size of the famas to 40.
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  10. FierceG

    FierceG Renowned User Member

    Has the Unloze admin team ever bothered to first ask the entire playerbase itself before implementing a decision instead of a small elitist group where half of them don't even play the gamemode anymore?
  11. we had discussions like that before. and my answer is still the same:

    we can't always ask the community first for every single decision. most smaller stuff are usually fixes or balances that most of the community welcomes anyway.

    futhermore i dont think only half of our admin team is playing ZE. discussions between admins usually represent the interest of the entire community since they always try to share what they experience from other players and the server.

    if it happens where we feel the community rejects the representation of admins we always make a vote such as this one to get a full clarification. the community has the final word no matter what.
  12. jenz

    jenz UNLOZE Founder Leader

    tbh i dont remember talking about this topic either, i just noticed it right now dx
  13. The Q-man

    The Q-man Well-Known User

    Decrease the spread of the m3 if it's even possible. Thank you
  14. Wolf Rayet

    Wolf Rayet Admin Admin VIP

    The TMP is pretty awesome on paper, but in practice I think the lower accuracy makes a big difference. I don't feel like it hits very hard, despite it's high firerate and fast reload. It's certainly competitive with the P90 and MP5 etc. but I don't think it's outright better. I think as it is it fits quite well a small, fast weapon.
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  15. The vote will end tomorow. Looking at the result I will simply increase the rebuy prize a little and keep the clip size at 50. Stay tuned.
  16. FierceG

    FierceG Renowned User Member

    I just wanted to throw some spice in the discussion >:)
    Didn't know admins share more opinions than their own in these discussions. I still have a very bad taste from 0 ping which was not viewed rationally by admin staff. Also can we get a better list of Unloze patches or am I just missing a section. I mean it would be chill to have a change like this written somewhere.

    On the topic itself:
    I think it's a great idea to change ammo for this. Honestly on most ze maps I think the p90 would outclass the tmp even if you put 70 bullets in the tmp. It's good to sometimes change stats of guns. This allows for more metacrafting and keeps the game fresh, it's also easy to implement. It's cool to have on map X a p90 meta and on map Y a TMP meta for example. I think small changes like this can have bigger effects on maps thank you think and it's probably for the best.

    So yes for gun stats changes, but please share info about server changes more clearly
  17. Wolf Rayet

    Wolf Rayet Admin Admin VIP

    There is a changelog channel on the Discord btw.
  18. As Wolf said there is a changelog on discord + we put all changes here once in a while:
  19. As indicated yesterday i increased the prize of the TMP to $1800 (+$550). Seems to be the only fair option looking at the votes.
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  20. HumanZz

    HumanZz Renowned User

    M4 is most broken weapon over here not the tmp but also m4 is underrated players doesn't know that if everone buy m4 the map will be ez as fuck
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