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Neon Oct 31, 2018

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    Hello together!

    UNLOZE is currently a bit worried about the CSS:ZE population as a whole, especially on the western servers.
    Since GFL moved their server back to .com, to the UK and then back to NA, they are doing as bad as they never did before. In the last 2 days they failed to get more than 10 players at the same time.
    We tend to believe that the GFL CSS:ZE server is done for good.

    As seen in the last years, the death of a server is always a big hit to the CSS:ZE population overall, since many players of that server do not switch to other servers, but simply quit the game as a whole.
    Concerning the fact that it is 2018 and CSS as a whole is a dying game, we want to stop people from quitting forever.

    We had some discussions during the last two days and came to a conclusion:

    We are offering admin status here on UNLOZE to all GFL admins that are interested in joining us. You do not need to write an application or anything else. There are 1 or 2 admins we need to talk to about some topics before they could join us, but the rest of the GFL admins would straight up be added to our current admin roster. Since our @Global Admin are similar to the GFL head admins when it comes to hierarchy, we are also offering the @Global Admin position to Backy and Vanya. If we somehow come to an agreement with Soft Serve (I think its clear what I am talking about here) we also dont mind him having ftp access.

    Important: You do NOT have to give up your position on GFL. You can stay admin there and if the server does a magical comeback or gets populated during events, fulfill your duty there. We just want to offer you an alternative/a shelter in case GFL continues doing so poorly population-wise.
    Also you dont have to be super active here on UNLOZE for now.

    We, here at UNLOZE, know that our admin teams have a variety of different personalities, attitudes and mindsets about some topics. Bringing those together will definetly cause some trouble and drama at some point, but we came to the conclusion that its worth it and neccessary to prevent CSS:ZE from dying even more.

    So if you are a GFL admin and interested in joining us just message any of the @Global Admin on Steam or Discord.

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    As Server Manager from GFL I demand a promotion to Leader ;)
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