[TEST] ze_zelda (temporary name) - porting Wii Zelda into ZE CSS

Captain_Jack Dec 30, 2018

  1. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Mapper Mapper


    I ported a Zelda Game (Zelda Twilight Princess on Wii) into ZE. That was an old project started in 2015. I decided to finish it now since i have plenty of time now.

    A brief presentation of the map :

    1) STAGE 1 - Hyrule Castle

    • Linear Stage
    • 4 holds points
    • A fun final escape with 2 cannons

    2) STAGE 2 - Discovery of Celestia

    • Linear stage
    • An ammo item
    • 1 end fight boss without final escape

    3) STAGE 3 - Battle with Zant

    • Linear stage
    • An ammo item
    • 3 holds points
    • A final boss (Zant)
    • A final escape after defeating the boss

    4) STAGE 4 - Final stage

    • Linear stage
    • Teamwork needed to finish the stage
    • you have choice between 2 last bosses
    • Last escape with old school lasers

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    How to test it ?

    I need some people to test the map.
    Can you report here the bugs you found (with screenshot if you can).
    Any suggestions (musics? new features? an another hold point? add an item?) will be discuted here

    The testers will have their name in a panel in the spawn room :)

    Download link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=13o9lsuLgA3gn0dtxMqXXYEQ-LfEFKPOh

    When you test it, turn on "net_graph1" command to see the fps. If you have less than 80 fps in a zone, let me know. Another things , the admin room is located under the spawn. You can choose the level you want to play just by shooting on the number.
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  2. 44 Colt

    44 Colt Admin Admin Mapper

    I thought it looks really cool, especially the ending to level 1.

    I found some issues/things that looked weird and put them on imgur:

    Only other things:
    At end of level 1, seems two songs are playing at the same time.
    I think model collisions are turned on - dunno if that is desirable, e.g. for the flying boss the model is hard to get out of once if starts pushing you.
    Also I'm not sure if the celestia/screen materials have been packed into the map, had some console errors.

    ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
  3. Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge Mapper Mapper

    Looks cool man. i hote ur map will be abrupt and original next year. I wait for it.
  4. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Mapper Mapper

    Thanks for the feedback. Most of this has been fixed already. The lasers doesn't work for some reason, I think i'll change and put a new hold point here. For the message, it's an overlay (a message that appear directly on the screen). I forget to pack them in the .bsp thats why you can't see them. I'll add command message too, just in case.
  5. Wide awake

    Wide awake New User

    (Sorry if you don't understand everything i wrote , I'm still learning english so be nice ) :P

    Hey dude , first of all i had not a single fps drop so thats a very good point, i think stage 1 is pretty cool and well designed, however i didn't manage to finish stage 2 , i ended up in a square room with void on each sides and nothing happened , Stage 3 no problems also cool boss fight (im not sure what the 2 towers on each side of the area are for ) but overall good and stage 4 is cool too .

    So there's a few problem in my opinion in certain areas of your map , there's a lot of jump-holes area (Stairs with lava, dungeon, room with flamethrowers) which is difficult for zombies to go trough , and second point is that sometimes in the map i was like wait where should i go , this way ? no this way i mean its not a problem but it feels like some parts are confusing for what way to go (I think it is stage 2 , with lots of metal grids covering holes in the walls , sometimes on the walls you think there's a ladder but there's none)

    Other things are really good to me such as the wind parts between some places in the map which brings out cool mechanics of shooting, walking and making sure not to fall off , same for the flamethrowers in the jumping room

    Overall i think you did a good job keep it up

    Wide awake
  6. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Mapper Mapper

    Thank you for the feedback

    I added more message to indicate the direction to go to the players. Also, you should had seen this kind of hud message but i forget to pack the picture file in the .bsp :


    For the difficulty, i don't know if its too hard for ZM or no. We need to test it with lots of players to appreciate the difficulty of the map.

    Btw i added another stage, a ZM stage after completing the map. I'll post a link for the updated version here. It may be playable now, i can't find major/gamebreaker glitch.
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  7. bAka

    bAka i3d scripter Admin

    me gusta @Captain_Jack!
    Still remember you from back in the days, when you made the Hobbit map, it was hella good! So im wishing you good luck for this!
  8. Captain_Jack

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  9. Neon

    Neon Pendulum SQ Senior Developer

    We could play-test the map on the live server tonight. You wanna be there?
  10. Neon

    Neon Pendulum SQ Senior Developer

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  11. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Mapper Mapper

    Thank you, i'll look at these demos :)

    I couldn't test it with you during the week, i don't have access to my computer

    EDIT : I just saw those demos, well lots of things are confusing, especially in level 2. People don't know where to go. I'll make it more easy to understand. The boss hp also doesn't increase with the number of humans in the fight, that's problematic, they insta-die.
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  12. xtaufiq

    xtaufiq New User

    Dude, i just test it out and it very cool
    Im hope it will be in the server soon