Suggestion for next Zombie Riot event!

KкAаMмIиKк HхAаZзEе Mar 20, 2019


Who want to play as zombie in next zriot event?

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  3. Admin

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  1. hello lady and gentleman (admUn too) hope ur doin good, last day i was playing zombie riot(as usual) and on day 11 we tried to play as zombie and.....ITS FUC+++G AWESOME!
    i think that on next event it will be cool to DISABLE lasers and if 20 persons play in ct lets make 5/10 persons play as zombie everyday! we can do a vote of who want to play as zombie all rounds and i'm one of them!
    its cool to come from back to kill camping ct's!
    logical that cant be done with lasers cuz its impossible to reach player before diying, u can do increased hp for zombie players to take more advantage or simply disable LM.
    what u think of my idea and who's with me?
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  2. Ash

    Ash New User

    I am in as long as I get to shoot at everyone/or eat everyone ,train me skillz and have fun
  3. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Hey. I'm glad to see you're enjoying being a zombie on the Zombie Riot server :)

    For your ideas, disabling the laser mines can be done with 1 simple command if an admin is online.
    Same for turning someone into a zombie. However, the admin will have to handpick the players one by one.

    So it's definitely a good idea and easy to do. Thanks for the suggestion.