Update Skin & Donation updates

jenz Jun 4, 2018

  1. jenz

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    Today the Playermodels got switched out on CSS ze. With that we also decided to remove the 200 HP from all human donator playermodels and instead make ALL HUMANS SKINS 125 HP. Also VIP zombies have same settings as normal zombies now.

    Marisa and Albert Wesker Skin got moved to Donator Skins (they used to be admin skins).

    We also intend to remove permanent VIP. Everybody that already bought it will keep it, but from today theres only one month is left to buy it. On 4th July we will remove the option to buy Perm vip. So you still have one month left to buy it. Everybody that bought it before July 4th will keep it permanently.

    Once the perm VIP feature is not Accessible anymore we will add a special playermodel only for perm vips.

    TLDR: We got rid of Pay 2 Win on Source.

    (who is editing my english here dx?)
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  2. jenz

    jenz UNLOZE Founder Leader User Event Winner

    a small bump. You only have left until July 4th if you would want to buy perm VIP. After that day the option to buy it is removed.
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  3. Nanami

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    r.i.p perm vip...I'll miss you. :(