Shizruo天生 's admin application

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Mar 20, 2020
General Information:

-Nickname: Shizruo天生
-Age :21
-Steam ID:[STEAM_0:0:537697831]
-Server(s) you are applying for CSS Unloze Zombie Escape

-Current Activity i'm active on server

2-Why do you want to become an admin?

I would like to become an admin because I feel like I would be a positive addition to the Unloze admin team. I have been an active player for over nearly 3 years now and I am still hoping to learn as much as I can. Since I’ve joined this community, I have reached out to as many other players as I could and I would consider myself a friendly and positive person who gets along with just about anyone. This game is very important to me and if I were to become an admin I would take it seriously while still having fun and being helpful to whoever I can.Although I do enjoy the more challenging maps there are times where the server needs to play easy or chill maps that are better suited for the skill level of the team and I am totally cool with that too as I just love playing ZE on Unloze.

However, there are times that I wont be able to be on for some weeks because My current occupation is in the military and they send me to different training operations randomly throughout the year. I hope that this doesn't affect in anyway, shape, or form the opinion you guys have on me.

3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?
I'd like to note that I have previously attained experience with the utilization of SourceMod admin commands as well as being a server administrator, which will make me fit right into the role as immediate as can be foreseen.

4. Can you play during edgy hours?

Not on a schedule, but most on spare time, has more flexible up time during the weekends & holidays.
Can be freely on weekdays

5- Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate on purpose
So if I suspected a player to inflate and were sure about that i will warn him first to not do that a again ,so if he repeat and keep that on i would ban him and fellow exactly what server admin rules said in this situation.

6. Other stuff and/or last words:

I like to note this my last application bcz i applyed before an admin application "silver admin application thread" but doesn't mean I will stop playing on the server if I refused for another time > i will still faithful to this community bcz love this game so much and i had many good memories in unloze ze server and many good friends ,i got refused last time because I am not active well in unloze community " on discord " and almost of the staff didn't know me and now I am an active user who love unloze community i have already played in csgo ze servers but it's trash gameplay compared to css ze "real gamers know that :^) so that's the reason make me to try give a helpful hand to unloze and encourage me to apply again ,in addition to that i have already started making a youtube channel just to attract peoples to this game Although I'm not the best leader or player, I am always trying how to improve so I can become helpful and reliable. Making sure the players follow the rules is a given but I would like to help other players learn and grow. I'd like to help the community like how they've had helped me.

Whether I get accepted or not, I thank you all for your time!

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Jul 4, 2020
Very active in the server, chill and friendly with both the admins and players, well-known in the server, and a well-written post. GL! :) +1
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