Paranoid Proposal

The Q-man Jun 6, 2019

  1. BadAss

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    IlovemakoandwestersanD guy,
    who are you exactly to say if w/e is bad or good, an example ? Yeah maybe an example of toxicity, cringe, and apparently pedophilia if we see what you post sometimes on forum. (or maybe you're just a troll, hello ? Kapp ?)

    About this topic, If i had to say something...
    That's just my opinion (or fact), but i'd say you have 2 categories of players in ZE : mechanical players and not mechanical. By mechanics I'm implying mobility gestion, movements in general such of course as bhopping and strafing. By "not mechanical" i'd say people who struggles more or less with what i've just said + everything like lasers ect (which is also mobility). Not mechanical ppl would refer as "normie" as you guy called them previously. Here's my point : fag maps (FF, paranoid...) are less popular because they aren't in adequation with normies, who will struggle because of their lack of mechanics in general. At the contrary, normies will vote for more popular maps, shroomforrest and stuff like this. Why ? Because those maps doesn't require that much of skill, they are able to shine in those maps. And that's what it is all about and always has been. People will adore things which fits with their capacity. People likes what can bring them into projectors' light. I played ZE for like 3 years which isn't that much if you compare, but it's the case for like 90% players I played with. Take Sanjizz for example, he enjoys paranoid and mako, guess what ? excellent strafing and bhop skills. Take rocklee (no hate i'm just exposing my point) as another example, does he like mako and stuff ? i don't think so, but does he like shroom ? Oh boy. He still dreams about soloing v4_5 at the same moment i'm writing this. And also, does he bhop and strafe correctly ? No he doesn't.
    I just took those 2 as an example, but make the research by yourself with others players. I think it's clearly realistic.

    You will automaticaly like more smth you're good at.

    To bounce on the topic, what i want to say is there's way more non-mechanical than mechanical players. Which describes the problem here : the minority has to sit facing the majority, the ppl who dislike fagmaps.
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  2. u egg

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    You missed the entire point didn't you? I tried to explain how spam nominate ANY MAP is terrible for the server but it seems you got stuck on how I probably enjoy the daily pirates of shroomforest (spoiler alert I don't, I hate it as much as I hate paraffagging).

    Im all for limiting any chaining really, for as long as the server doesn't suddenly die because of bad votes and terrible nominations - which happened way too often until some restrictions were put recently (it will still probably happen).

    Hell remember when shroomforest(s) were played on a daily baisis last year? That really was annoying after a while. Same thing happened these last 30 days with para/mako/minas, it got really annoying. The difference here is shroom wasn't emptying the server 9 times out of 10.
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  3. Glacius

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    This thread is why we can’t have nice things.
    I guess we’ll have to start regulating how often players can nominate certain maps as well as keeping the current map cooldown list.

  4. Gee Ef Ell Mustard Race

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    This is a European server, of course the popular maps are going to be played during their peak time. However, what is the harm in allowing the map to be nominated during the time when the server is dead, ie American night time? I dunno if the population is still like that its been a while since i have played.

    Also want to add, I bet the reason why the 'normies' hate the map is because they get to the end and someone blows them up with the minigun or the holy hand grenade every single round. If that is the case, the parafags are reaping what they have sowed.
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  5. Hassan

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    who i m what i do ? well you only see what your eyes want to see. i just do what i want to do . you can call it how you want and you can think about it what you want.

    BTW. its no secret that map fags doesnt matter if mako fags, minas fags or paranoid fags are bad for any server. because of the process that brings with fags joining the server, normal players leave, after the map fags leave, after the map it takes a lot of time for the server to recover.
  6. Malala

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    he is hаssan
    How inept do you have to be to shove pedophilia into a discussion about zombie escape maps?
  7. .george

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    ok so heres my hot take, everything is super subjective, but personally as an example, i don't enjoy playing cosmo canyon most of the time, so I don't vote for it, the same goes for other times when people nominate maps they don't like I don't mind wester too much nor mako nor paramina, but cosmo irritates me for a reason I can't put my finger on, therefore I do not vote for cosmo and encourage people to vote otherwise, some people may say I'm being toxic even though I'll still play cosmo but I don't see how behaviour like that is harmful, nor is encouraging people to vote for cosmo. The problem is when people are actively hostile to each other about map choices and argue over the mic, that's what really annoys me tbh. and threads like this, because at the end of the day a lot of people love paranoid, however a lotof people join for paranoid, then leave right after it's considerably worse tahn any FF map because it's such an odd (but fun) map. That's why the cooldown is like it is, I think the CD could be done with being reduced perhaps, but certainly it shouldn't be playable outside of the times its allowed now, maybe even more restrictive because imagine if someone hated everyone and kept playing it alone at night to get it on cooldown OMEGALUL.
    Paranoid still gets played enough as emphasised by the stats, (second most played map), so I really don't see a problem with its current state, thought it could certainly be improved, its almost impossible to please everybody.
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  8. BadAss

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    isn't it possible to get 2 distinct nomlists, one for the night and the 2nd one for the day ? We play our maps during day time then when we enter night time, the CD of day maps stops here to pursue the next day during the same day time ? and vice-versa for the night ?
    Therefore map cds played the night would have no consequences for day-time (and vice-versa) + we would be able to play tryhardmaps in night-time but not in a tryhard idea, more like training.
  9. tom13king

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    I've never seen so many essays in one thread before. No surprise that The Calculating God is involved :wlenny:
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  10. Hassan

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    sure i m always there helping with my wisdom because i m a good human being.

    you just have to do what i want and everything will turn good. i'm always right because nobody is smarter than me.
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    Now can we stop this drama? :lenny:
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  12. MadMan™

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    Hey guys. This is normie opinion! I think you should put this tutorial that vortex posted somewhere so the normies like me wont be so overwhelmed by the map. Paranoid is really confusing and I have always hated playing it but after i watched that tutorial i got atleast some understanding of the map.
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