Only 100hp VIP CSS

Theobald Thor Oct 7, 2017

  1. Theobald Thor

    Theobald Thor New User

    Hello. I noticed that i only have 100 hp on for example ze ancient wrath that we played recently this evening. All other VIPs had 200 hp.

    I used the skin with that anim.e girl, cant remember what it´s called. Also tried to change the skin but with no succesful effect on the hp. Why is that?

    Edit: (why does it show "mistakes" when i post "anim.e"?
  2. Goatbeard

    Goatbeard Well-Known User Retired Admin

    Map can override the skins. Maybe something on ancient wraith set it, even heal items can mess with it. Have you noticed it on other maps.
  3. ZeGaWa

    ZeGaWa The Real Futa Admin VIP

    Like Metroid said some map just force the hp for every players. A good example is Minas, 100hp for everybody.
    But on Ancient I dont think item can change your hp (Ammo, Rift, Growth, Tornado, Fire) and the map dont override the skins.
    @Struppi knows probably :>
    Did you try to rejoin the server ? Or just rejoin the CT team ?

    Her name is Tiara :>

    Why ? Because our web admin don't like anim.e so he added a filter that change your word if you type it. (Typical Drunk Finn) :wlenny:
    For example if you type 1.nfo (without the "." ofc) it will give you The President
    There is plenty of that on the forum try to find them :D