MoonLight Application

☯ MoonLight ☯

Junior Admin
Jun 23, 2020
1. General Information. Write some general information so we can get in touch with you easily. Do them in the following order:
- Nickname:
- Age: 17
- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:94655654
- Server(s) you are applying for: MG
- Current Activity: I'm almost active everyday for 4-8 hours per day

2. Why do you want to be an admin? Tell us what drives you to join our admin team and help us manage this community.
To make the community at MG better, help players who have difficulty with all sort of things, Making sure no one will cheat or effect the gameplay and having fun playing.

3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin? List all the past duties you have done in any communities and what kind of skills/knowledge do you have.
I've never been an admin before so I do not have that much knowledge, but i always watch how admins there do their job and I'm ready to learn.

4. Can you play during late hours? Do you have the possibility to play during late hours (past 1-2am) and very early (before 7am). Explain why and give us some details about how you could manage the server around these hours by yourself.
i might play in the late or early time in the morning unless i'm busy or something, but in the most yeah i play in the edgy hours, but since it's MG and sometimes no one play in those hours so i don't think i will play in these times alot.

5. Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate on purpose. Explain us how do you approach the situation. Add any details that seems important to you.
I'm applying to MG not ZE ,so the first thing i will do is spectate the suspected player and make sure if he cheats or troll, when i make sure of him i will give him a warning, and if he ignores my warning then i will give him the suitable punishment according to the rules.

6. Other stuff and/or last words. Type here anything else you have in mind and finish your application in style!
Thanks for reading my application, hope you will like it :)