Moltentemple Mini-Event

Alcolo Oasis May 22, 2019

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  1. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Admin Admin


    Don't forget to join the CS:S Zombie Escape Server Friday the 24th of May 2019.
    The hour will be 6pm GMT+0.
    The Event will be scheduled on the Steam group too.
    (If a mistake is done with the Steam group event, keep this hour as the real one)
    You can also follow the countdown on the forum.

    How will the event be?
    We will play ze_moltentemple_a5 in Full Mode for 2.5 hours (except if we beat it sooner).

    About winners?
    5 days VIP
    for winning the map

    You can download the maps in the TL;DR.

    Server : CS:S Zombie Escape
    Server IP :
    Map :
    - ze_moltentemple_a5
    Date : 24/05/2019
    Time : 6 pm GMT+0 // 7 pm GMT+1 // 8 pm GMT+2
    Leader : Any willing one
    Prize : 5 days VIP
  2. -Hudda

    -Hudda Meatropolian Senior Admin

    Maybe I will actually win this time around and not die to stupid triggers :pepocheer:
  3. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Senior Developer VIP

    Butchered the time because I was told to do the event. It's happening now.
    Edit: We couldn't play the map because George is autistic.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.