Mako lifeblood of zombie escape Hour

FierceG Mar 11, 2019

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  1. FierceG

    FierceG VIP VIP User Event Winner

    Even though this basically happens on every Mako session I play on Unloze I will use yesterday as a prime example. So first and foremost I am a ZE player that put 1000s of hours of playing into this mode and keeping ZE alive and fun for everyone. As many know my favourite map is Mako Reactor v5 and it's the main reason why I bought VIP on this server, to nominate it. Anyway lately everytime this map is voted and played it goes too shit. Random shit gets added to the map for some reason like more materias, adding/missing objects, etc. (hell for some reason you guys even allowed to edit it with shitty modes like ZED and HellZ, but this is another rant), the mic blows up and everyone is for some reason allowed to spam the shit in this map, everyone starts spamming lennies which is also OK? Like I'm gonna be honest I can have a childish attitude myself so I can enjoy it for max 5 minutes. However it always starts around normal/hard and goes throughout the whole map. Every time I play Mako here I have to type !hide_lennies, !sm @all, !sm UnlozeTV just to have a good Mako experience, but this isn't a singleplayer game. A lot of people keep the spam on and therefore either start hating this map and thus not voting Mako at the vote days after or they just don't play serious at all. Hell even last night Zuff took Sephiroth randomly and starts shooting at CT's with it the entire round.

    Like you guys give zero respect to my favourite map and therefore don't respect me as a player, me and many other mako fans.
    As previously stated this just doesn't happen on other maps, or when it does it's unfrequent. On Mako it's every session we play.

    I demand a serious answer from management on this matter.

    P.S.: I tried to attach the demos from the game but because of uploading file restrictions I was unable to. Therefore: and then 10-03-2019 21:45 and 22:14
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  2. HumanZz

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  3. bAka

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    Im actually with you @FierceG, the amount of spam on mako (most of the maps tbh but mainly on mako) is just absurd. How people can enjoy playing with people spamming all the time/screaming at the mic with those shitty soundboards, this just ruins the whole gameplay tryhard experience.

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  4. Géovanni

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    i mean mako is being taken less serious each time we play it, waiting for that moment when there's suddenly an ex4 mode :feelstardman:
  5. .george

    .george Ghey Healur Leader User

    "serious answer"

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  6. Malala

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    But Mako isn't a tryhard map, the only mode that is challenging is ZED and Heal + Ultima only.
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  7. Tendub_

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    zuff plays ze 10 hours a month and the only thing he does is abuse with stupid shit that literally ruins rounds. would love to see something done about this. he's the only person who i will actually leave the server so as not to deal with his shit, during my FAVORITE maps no less. i understand it seems like such a small problem because he hardly ever plays on the server, but can you guys think about the little people too? we populate your server day in and day out and you allow this guy to come in and shit on us for what?
  8. Midnight Light

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    Bring back mako 1000 points, remove everything but normal, hard, ex1 and ex2, and then the mako fags will be happy. Keep the lifeblood of zombie escape spam tho I like it. :wlenny:
  9. FierceG

    FierceG VIP VIP User Event Winner

    Just got a solid answer from William on the topic:

    "After bringing it up, I made sure to inform all admins to do their best to ensure that mako sessions from now on are regular ZE sessions. Being firm with the mutes and warnings and not letting things get out of hand.

    Some admins felt that mako was good because then the server lifeblood of zombie escape could be contained in one map instead of being spread but that was overruled and mako is on what I referred to as "lifeblood of zombie escape cooldown" so if they HAVE to have lifeblood of zombie escape somewhere, it should not be mako"

    So Mako will now be treated as a regular ze map, sometimes things will still go out of hand like any other ze map but nothing like we saw before. In my opinion topic is closed.
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  10. 変態 better than アニメ

    変態 better than アニメ Well-Known User User Event Winner

    No no no no mako
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