How to find your or others' steamID?

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Jul 15, 2019
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There are multiple ways to find the steamID. Look at the title of each alternative method that suits you the best.
Every player(steam or non-steam) that joins the server has a steamID.

Find steamID Ingame / Playing the game

1) Open CSS, click Options
2) Click the Keyboard tab
3) Click Advanced...
4) Tick the box where it says Enable developer console(~)

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1) Open STEAM and go to Library (where you can find your games). Right-click on CSS and choose "properties".
2) A new window will open, choose "set launch options.."
3) In the new window, type " -console " and click OK. Now open CSS, and the console should appear.

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Join any of our servers, and type status in the console and copy the numbers after your name.
Usually starts with STEAM_0: or [U:1:
Screenshot 2021-11-07 114209_LI.jpg

Find steamID through Steam Profile

Version 1 (steam desktop app):​

1) Open steam,
2) Look for your name on the main menu: (In this case its "Jan")
Screenshot 2021-11-07 114748.jpg
3) Hover mouse over your name, to get a drop-down bar and select Profile
4) When on Profile, Right-click on Profile Background or anywhere without any buttons for this box to appear
5) Select “Copy page URL”:
6) Paste URL details in any of these websites below to copy your steamID.

Version 2 (chrome browser):​

1) Add this AMAZING extension by an incredible man:
2) Go to the profile you need the steamID.
3) Press the white text of the steamID and it will be copied to your clipboard.
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