How To Buy VIP ?

ZeGaWa Oct 25, 2016

  1. ZeGaWa

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    You're tired to be a pleb ?
    You wanna have swagg and grils

    Well follow these few steps and join the VIP Familly :wlenny:

    The most important part is to link your Steam Account with your Forum Account.

    To link it just click here :

    Then click on the Steam Integration button.


    Follow the Steam Association steps.

    Once done, click on the Donate Button. You can find it in the Top Bar:


    And then you are free to choose between different propositions:


    We actually only accept payments with PayPal.

    After your payment, you are automatically added to the VIP Familly and you can use all the VIP features.

    If there is any problem, always keep the Transaction ID and the mail used on your PayPal account, and make a thread in the Support And Contact section, normally it's this one because you're reading this thread so go back and post your problem :wlenny:

    Welcome in the VIP Family and Thanks for your donation ♥
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  2. Bird is the Word

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    Good guide, made a sticky of it :hdlenny:

    New payment options will be there soon™
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  3. Radiothere

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    When ZeGaWa is doing so much work.. :wlenny: we are lazy :kappa:
  4. bAka

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    Instructions are unclear, got my dick stuck in a ceiling fan
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