Event #264 || "It's time to beat it!"

WASD Jan 8, 2021

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  1. WASD

    WASD Active User Retired Admin

    Don't forget to join the CS:S Zombie Escape Server on Saturday the 9th of January 2021 and Sunday the 10th of January 2021.
    The hour will be 5 pm GMT+0.
    You can convert to your own timezone by using one of these websites: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ or https://time.is/
    The Event will be scheduled on the Steam group too, which automatically scales in your own timezone.
    You can also follow the countdown on the forum, based on GMT+0.

    How will the event be?
    We will play the following maps in this order :
    Saturday 09/01 :
    Sunday 10/01 :

    Important: Since this might be a long event, server rules will be enforced more strictly. Too much off-topic mic conversations or other attempts to disrupt the leading or the event will be handled directly with a punishment potentially lasting the entire event.

    About winners?
    5 days VIP for winning Pharos
    7 days VIP for winning a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c

    You can download the maps in the TL;DR.
    Server : CS:S Zombie Escape
    Server IP :
    Maps :
    - ze_ffxiv_pharos_sirius_css
    - ze_a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c_v1_1s
    Date : 09/01 & 10/01 2021
    Time : 5 pm GMT+0 // 6 pm GMT+1 // 7 pm GMT+2
    Leader : Any willing one
    Rewards :
    - 5 days VIP for winning Pharos
    - 7 days VIP for winning a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c
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  2. Fake Ninja

    Fake Ninja Well-Known User

    2 maps that Unloze never beaten to kick off 2021? Now that's 1 hell of a way to begin the year!
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  3. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Developer Developer

    We decided to split the event in 2 days since both of the maps have not been beaten here yet so playing these 2 maps in one go would be too exhausting and long. Pharos will be played on saturday and Aesthetic on sunday. We also don't want to overlap with GFL Santa event.
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  4. Creepy

    Creepy Renowned User

    Pharos can be beaten easily if have good items for cover laser on stage 3, it's similar stuff to wanderers v5-v6 just little harder. But maybe need make new strat for pharos not use the one from csgo, like modify it a little then maybe can win map easily
  5. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Developer Developer

    All VIP rewards have been handed out to those with a forum account!
    Associate your Steam account here to get your VIP in-game: https://unloze.com/account/external-accounts


    It wasn't the time to beat Aesthetic :feelsbadman:

    Winners with forum account
    Alcolo Oasis - 5 days (gifted to Ventus)
    Amu - 5 days
    FierceG - 5 days
    goeryn - 5 days
    kr1s - 5 days
    machu - 5 days (gifted to Picklax)
    Non-Santa believers don't win - 5 days
    Picklax - 5 days

    Winners without forum account
    (If you are on this list and want your VIP, pm me or comment below)
    Agartha., Cosmic
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