Event #226 || "Gopnik Event"

Alcolo Oasis May 23, 2020 at 12:39 AM

  1. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Admin Admin VIP

    Don't forget to join the CS:S Zombie Escape Server Saturday the 23rd of May 2020.
    The hour will be 5 pm GMT+0 // 12 pm CDT (GMT-5) // 1 am CST (GMT+8).
    You can convert to your own timezone by using this website : https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
    The Event will be scheduled on the Steam group too, which automatically scales in your own timezone.
    You can also follow the countdown on the forum, based on GMT+0.

    How will the event be?
    We will play the following maps in this order :

    Special Kicker:
    Only P90 and Dual Elites

    Important: Since this might be a long event, server rules will be enforced more strictly. Too much off-topic mic conversations or other attempts to disrupt the leading or the event will be handled directly with a punishment potentially lasting the entire event.

    About winners?
    3 days VIP
    for winning Shaurma
    5 days VIP for winning Gopnik Escape
    5 days VIP for winning Rush B

    You can download the maps in the TL;DR.

    Server : CS:S Zombie Escape
    Server IP :
    Maps :
    - ze_shaurma_v3_b06
    - ze_cancer_gopnik_escape_v8s
    - ze_rush_b_s1
    Special kicker : only P90 and Dual Elites
    Date : 23/05/2020
    Time : 5 pm GMT+0 // 12 pm CDT (GMT-5) // 1 am CST (GMT+8)
    Leader : Any willing one
    Rewards : 3 days VIP for winning Shaurma, 5 days for Gopnik Escape, 5 days for Rush B
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  2. Komodo-A-Hawk

    Komodo-A-Hawk New User Member

    didn't I set this event to 1pm?
    because I can't play midnight (i'm from Indo GMT +7)
  3. Creepy

    Creepy Well-Known User Member

    It's not your choice to set event time, it's up to event managers when event will start
  4. Komodo-A-Hawk

    Komodo-A-Hawk New User Member

    oh ok fine :-(
  5. Tom

    Tom Catmin Admin

    Nice maps we are going to play, actually. I was going to suggest the same but 2 weeks later when I myself have more time to take part.
    As for special settings, I wouldn't say that limiting it only to P90s is special because 90% of players play with P90s all the time. My idea is to limit primary weapons choice to AK-47s for all maps. As for Rush B, p90 can be added along with AK but only after the score becomes 0-10.
    Remove secondary weapons restrictions entirely.
    That said, consider changing the rewards for Rush B. If we manage to win it with AK only, grant 10 days. If AK+P90 then 5 days.
    I don't know about the Gopnik map tho. If it is as hard as Shaurma (which is a map of medium difficulty imo), lower the rewards to 3 days. If it is as hard as Rush B, it should stay at 5 days. If it is something in between difficulty-wise, make it 4 days.

    Add another special kicker: Tom Marksson leads in Russian accent :wlenny:
    Also Russian language is allowed on mic
  6. tom13king

    tom13king Admin Admin VIP

    All VIP rewards have been handed out to those with a forum account!
    Associate your Steam account here to get your VIP in-game: https://unloze.com/account/external-accounts

    Shaurma winners:

    Cancer Gopnik Escape winners:

    Rush B winners:

    Winners with forum account
    neko - 13 days
    Alcolo Oasis - 10 days
    Super WaRiio - 5 days
    kuvalda - 5 days
    c A r e - 5 days
    Pan1c - 5 days
    Jaenas - 5 days
    netware - 5 days
    Arturas - 5 days
    Sansa - 5 days
    tom13king - 5 days
    machu - 5 days
    acoustic - 5 days
    Sanjizz - 5 days
    m4dara - 5 days
    rawr xd im dinoswar - 5 days
    Nostar - 5 days
    BlackDragon - 5 days
    glenixx - 5 days
    Laurys - 5 days
    [S|*|I|*|L|*|V|*|E|*|R] - 5 days
    Chaffee - 3 days

    Winners without forum account
    (If you are on this list and want your VIP, pm me or comment below)
    Ink, Indibil - PanzerFaust, baron, snk, Jaak-Ervin-Yks-Jalgvarav, ACKNESS, friezi, vishamor, Rin, Horace le petit oisillon, Fiend, no0bey *search M8s​
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  7. Laurys

    Laurys VIP VIP

    what do you mean without forum account??? :peepowink:
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  8. tom13king

    tom13king Admin Admin VIP

    I've given VIP to your forum account. The sm_listwinners command said you didn't have a forum account, so make sure your Steam account is associated to your forum account.
  9. glenixx

    glenixx VIP VIP Member

    i want VIP to :):)
  10. u forget me Tom
  11. Tom

    Tom Catmin Admin

    But we'll never forget how you weren't shooting the final boss on Shaurma [​IMG]
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  12. its just a competetion btw me and my brother play with me in the server who kill the other first win we try to blind each other from lasers so u won't understand that funnmy moment kill ur little brother in event . u k how i die tom ? he pressed my space keyword when i killed him hahahahaha