Event #154 || Poll

Alcolo Oasis Mar 12, 2019


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Poll closed Mar 14, 2019.
  1. "Toxic Peruvian gypsy immigrant"

    16 vote(s)
  2. "Try to stay alive"

    1 vote(s)
  3. "Good old LOTR event"

    3 vote(s)
  4. "Something more than a laser"

    14 vote(s)
  5. "-͜- ching chong -͜-"

    6 vote(s)
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  1. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Global Admin Global Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Event #154 || Poll
    Nominations are OVER! Now it's time to vote!
    You have until Thursday 14/03/19 23:59 GMT+0 to choose your favourite Event.
    The most voted nomination will be set as the next Event.

    "Toxic Peruvian gypsy immigrant" (by Chivas)
    • ze_pkmn_adventure_v8_6s_fix2
    • ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix3
    • ze_necromanteion_v3_1s_fix
    • ze_dreamin_v2_1s_fix4
    Note for Tilex: only 2 tries on rtv level

    "Try to stay alive" (by Denny Rose)
    • ze_chroma_v0_4
    • ze_dreamin_v2_1s_fix4
    • ze_luck_matters_v1ds
    • ze_trials_v1fs

    "Good old LOTR event" (by Sole Ipsis)
    • ze_lotr_helms_deep_v5
    • ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_v6_3
    • ze_lotr_mount_doom_v3
    Special Kickers :
    Helms Deep: Crowdspawn, falldamage, snipers restricted and infinite ammo on the charge part
    Mount Doom: Crowdspawn, falldamage, ring mode only and if the ring courier gets killed the admin slays the CTs
    Mines of Moria: Crowdspawn, falldamage and if the ring courier gets killed the admin slays the CTs (the ring cant stand in the middle)
    For all maps: Failnades and no rebuys

    "Something more than a laser" (by Adi)
    • ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13s_fix3
    • ze_dreamin_v2_1s_fix4
    • ze_deadcore_s6
    Special Kickers :
    Deadcore: Normal playing , but we will do 3 rounds of Insane D Mode for fun , if we actually win the map fast enough
    Tilex: 3 attempts on RTV Mode

    "-͜- ching chong -͜-" (by Alcolo Oasis)
    • ze_l0v0l_v1_4
    • ze_v0u0v_a6
  2. tom13king

    tom13king Admin Admin VIP User Event Winner Event Manager

    Alcolo working until 1am baguette time for server :pepocheer:
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  3. Lv. 100 Crobat

    Lv. 100 Crobat Mapper Mapper User Event Winner

    If tilex is voted, i recommend for the server owners or FTP access to allow sv_accelerate 10 on the sv whitelist otherwise it will be impossible


    As for three eyes, I can do 2 things:
    -Write a balance stripper config for white level.
    -Recompile a new version
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