CSGOEvent #1 || Nomination Thread

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Feb 25, 2017
CSGOEvent #1 || Nomination Thread

This will be the start of new weekly cs:go events (assuming everything works well on the server). As this will be the first official event as well as the start of the server, I don't expect much activity here yet. If nothing drops in, I will select an event myself.

NOTE: VIP rewards will be handled through the forum. Link your steam account here to receive your rewards:

Keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • You can nominate either a single map or a fitting group of maps, provided that they do not have a senseless long duration (obviously depending on the number of maps you are nominating).
  • Map(s) should be difficult and event-worthy in some way.
  • You may come up with some restrictions or changes for the map(s) (for example no items).
  • Be creative, the more unique event the better.
  • Only the top 5 will be selected for the poll. If there are no top 5, event managers will have to be selective.
  • Event managers can alter/edit/modify/remove a nomination if they consider it not event-worthy.

You may nominate up until Tuesday 31/03/20 23:59 GMT+0
This is the Event Nomination Thread for the next week's CSGO Event.

Maps that are currently on cooldown (you can not nominate them):

CS:GO ZE FastDL Map List, so you can get some idea of your own Custom Event!
Be creative, the more unique event the better.
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