[Bomec's Admin Application]

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Aug 20, 2021
1. General Information. Write some general information so we can get in touch with you easily. Do them in the following order:
-Nickname : Bomec
-Age : 25
-Steam ID STEAM_0:0:87238961
-Server(s) you are applying for : Zombie escape and Minigame
-Current Activity : In general I play from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every evening and from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends

2. Why do you want to be an admin?

I would like to bring new blood and refresh some way of seeing things as much for the players as for the members of the staff. I would also like to be influential in the way the ze works. :

3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?

I started Zombie escape in 2010, I know how it works, as well as the players of this fabulous community. I will be able to bring you my experience as well as another vision that you have of this famous game mode. I am motivated so that the server functions correctly. I will also bring to the community because I like to discuss, solve problems objectively and as best as possible. Players as well as administrators should enjoy the game alike. Even though (admins) need to fix the issues. And I am able to solve the problems.

I was admin on a minigame server for 6 months and i know the principal commands

4. Can you play during late hours?

I cannot play during the late hours except during the weekend

5. Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate or breaking the server rules on purpose.

It doesn't matter who the player is, whether I know him or not, and find out he's breaking the rules, I'll let him know once and go to spec immediately after warning him. The maap does not matter. If the player repeats after the warning, he will take a ban of 30 minutes to 2 hours regardless at the time of the maap

I think it's pointless to ban someone for more than a week

For mutes, there is no need to mute instantly, you have to consider the server situation at this time, if it is a hard try maap and a spam player and or incites spam it will take a mute for one minute and if he continue he will take a mute for the time of the maap, no more

If the situation is "favorable" to spam and that if does not prevent continuing to play (end of round or maap) players will be "allowed" to have fun

6. Other stuff and/or last words. Type here anything else you have in mind and finish your application in style!

I love the ze, I love the community, you know that. This application is to be taken seriously. Change is possible. No one is perfect, the time has passed.
Today I would like to make you understand that I am motivated to manage this role of admin, seriously. The past will always be in your head, but you have to see the admin and find out if you might need me. I am taking a risk in making this request. But fear does not avoid danger. Thanks for reading me

William! :D

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Feb 25, 2017
I think you application is serious. Here's my take.

The day you finally accept that the following video is inflation, that's when I know you've truly changed and actually use the experience you talk about for the better. Until then, I do not think you are capable of problem solving on an admin level.

Furthermore, the day you understand why in the context of the video you deserve an instant mute, I will accept that your (surprisingly well written) points on muting are genuine.

As much as you wish to bring something fresh to the unloze menu, your ideas of how things should be managed differ way too much and your persistant delusions cloud your judgements.

Alcolo Oasis

Oct 15, 2016
Well written application and very good player with skill very good communication skills in game also he can literally scream 1440 seconds AAAAAAA in one breath i think you can fit in admin team but guess what racist globals will decline this :(
I thought days will become cringier because Unloze accept literally everyone nowadays ?
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Aug 20, 2021
you are the biggest retard gorrila nig_ger monkey french idiot gay faggot that exists on counter strike source.
THX Jenz i appreciate thats comment, i didn't except a better answer from you.

You're closer to being permed than admin, and this is putting it nicely.
Who are you, i miss something.

I thought days will become cringier because Unloze accept literally everyone nowadays ?
How unloze accepts anyone, I would like to understand what makes you say that.

If I am applying for this position, it is to be an integral part of the community. To support the community and make it stronger.

I do not yet have a project, but if the application were to be accepted, I would make sure that with my precense, the community grows.


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Aug 29, 2020
Joke aside there's always a separated behavior of yours which I would expect when you become admin, everyone does have some certain moments to be "funny". Application is well written my dude B)


Aug 20, 2021
Yes, you did miss something: basic syntax.
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How would that take away from my ability to be a good admin? We never spoke to each other and you allow yourself to judge me just by a history. It is there it will always be yes. But I think that my candidacy is not bad compared to that which was made in the near past.


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Oct 3, 2017
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How would that take away from my ability to be a good admin? We never spoke to each other and you allow yourself to judge me just by a history. It is there it will always be yes. But I think that my candidacy is not bad compared to that which was made in the near past.
We did, in MG. Where I specifically had to tell you to speak English only in voice chat, which you promptly decided to ignore. Adding to that, I've had to answer around 3 false call admins from you. Just because you don't see me, doesn't mean that I'm not there.
Also, I find it interesting how you speak of your ban history as if it some sort of very distant past, and while some of them are, your last ban was less than a month ago. A month.


Aug 20, 2021
Yes, and just by that, you mean I can't be a good admin? Okay. That's your choice


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Sep 2, 2018
Hello Bomec.

Considering your past behaviors, maybe it's better if you think more than one or two times before applying. As an Admin, you must be a role model to the players and contribute for the stability of the server you're applying for. I'll divide by topics, even though your application is well-structured, the reasons that explain why you can't be an Admin:

- Your poor liability as a player;
- Your inconsistent behavior, regarding your troll attitude, plus all of your communication blocks (mutes/gags);
- Your "reputation", that consists in more than 30 bans, including all your other accounts, plus ban evading;
- Your lack of interest on "playing the game", since you're most of the times disrupting the gameplay;
- Your immaturity, in general.

It is true that everyone is free to apply, but not everyone can be accepted. You're one of the players that won't be taken that easily into our Administration. However, if you truly wish to be an Admin, maybe start by changing your attitudes and respect, not only the Admins, but the players that want actually to play the game. Sure, it's not every time that the server is on "Focused Gameplay", but you can't control your desire to start "Au_tism Hours" which will eventually lead to the server's instability.

With that being said, your application is Denied.
Hopefully, in the future, if your motivation is serious and you improve your behavior, maybe it will be us, Senior Admins, that will think more than one or two times.

The Senior Admin Team
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