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Batata Feb 27, 2018

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  1. Batata

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    1. General Information.
    - Yo! I'm Batatatatatatatata!!!
    - Age: 21
    -Forum Account Link:
    -Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:21820159
    -I'm applying for CSS ZE admin role!

    2. Why do you want to be an admin?

    One of the reasons of wanting to be an admin is that i play zombie escape mode for a very long time, since i was a kid, so i know most of the maps (especially those who have boats on it) and i'm very connected with ZE world, which can help a lot in times of deciding whether or not to slay people, perceiving if they are trolling or not, etc. In the case of Unloze, i think i play on this server for 2 years or so, so i know the community very well. Furthermore, i'm a guy that gets along with everyone and i'm also very talkative as you can see in-game. I'm not active at all on Discord, though, because i don't like talking different things when i'm playing a game. I guess my powers of concentration are not that high, but i can pass by discord sometimes if it's required eheh. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't want to achiev the goals alone, but share them with others, so i'm constantly supporting people and helping them achiev happiness in-game (beating maps, for example), and it really makes me happy when i see they conquered their goals. I am often euphoric in-game, because i really live the game, but i can also be serious and calm, in order to do wise decisions. If i turn admin, i will always be neutral. That is, for example, even if i don't like the map, but the map has stages and the community wants to extend it, of course i will make a vote to extend. In real life i'm neutral, so in-game i will also be it. If i get accepted, in general, i will do my best to promote a good environment in-game and make sure that it isn't screwed by autistic or trolling players! A good admin needs to have patience and good sense, and i clearly have those qualities, so i think that's a plus do this application, in order not to do unfair actions.

    3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?

    Starting by my weak points, i've never been an admin before, so i don't know the admin commands to be honest, but i think i can learn them quickly, it must not be complicated (i hope so). However, i've been leader/second in command in some clans in other game (Dofus), who have "admin" powers, so i know how to help/manage a community. Also, i'm youtuber, but not of CS (didn't want to say this, but you said if it was a detailed application it would be better ahah), so i'm also connected with that task that i mentioned before, since i always try to perceive what the community needs. Furthermore, i played on a looooot of servers in my adventure on ZE, from different nationalities (russian, french, international, german, spanish, portuguese, etc) and i always had a good interaction and made friends on those servers. I think my ZE life got stable when i found Unloze and i've been playing there since that moment. I've not been that active then before, because i'm playing Dofus also, but i get the admin place, i will be more active!

    4. Other stuff / last words.

    Well, i guess i already wrote too much above so i will really only say a few words. First, I want to thank you for reading and, second, i want to say special thanks to people who encouraged me to do this application! I'm a trustable, energic, sincere and good heart player! I guess i'm a man of the people and i will always do what's the best for them! Ok, i said it was only some words here, but i want to say something before finishing. For those who think i would abuse all time and nominate boatescape, i would only do that in certains circunstances (low people on the server and nominating that map would make more people join, for ex), because if i get the admin position, i have perfect sense i need to be impartial, so you can count on me to make this server shine and doing what an admin needs to do and not the opposite!

    Love from, Batatatatatatata (1 week later) tatatata!
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    Oh Cachalote. Põe-te a pau. A hora que vens pro server tá o Zuff a dar-lhe com minas. :lul: E eu vou dar-te com o pau tb se continuares com essa mania dos solos. :imhorny:
    Mas ya força nisso. É preciso mais bom material pro server.:pogchamp:


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    Caralho good guy
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