Admin bias has to stop

ΣZΣ | Cookie Mar 8, 2019

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  1. ΣZΣ | Cookie

    ΣZΣ | Cookie VIP VIP User Event Winner

    Alright lads, hit me up with everything you have because I know you all hate me but I will pass my point across.

    Earlier today, I joined the server during pidaras with my newest addition, the humanzz soundboard and some other sounds, the server was pretty much dead because the map before was paranoid and there were only a handfull of people on it at the time, so I was just having fun playing some sounds, people were laughing but I can't really amuse everyone.

    Map ends, skyrim is next, I keep playing my sounds and then egg joins, probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, gives me warnings on the microphone while I'm playing my sounds, which I couldn't hear and when I stop playing sounds, he gives me the last warning on the microphone and I ask him what was he going to do, so he just straight up mutes me for 1 day < I did nothing wrong here, I asked a question and was muted for something that's not even on the rules and warrants a mute.

    Anyway, after a few hours, I talk to Dejade about the issue, he told me he heard about it on Unloze's discord and I explained my side of the situation, which then he agreed it was a bit harsh and offered to reduce my mute to 2 hours, fair enough.
    I join the server during predator and Dejade joins shortly after, reducing my mute to 2 hours. A few minutes go past and Acid extends my mute to 7500 minutes, which is around 5 days, 4 hours, etc.
    According to Dejade, he did this because Nivinski told him to extend it so I bring you something that William told me a few months ago.

    I don't understand why the role of Global Admin exists, if Technical Staff can do whatever the fuck they want and tell admins to do this and that.
    "Technical Staff helps keep the servers and forum up and running."
    "Global Admins manage and control the Admin-team."

    Am I misintrepreting something on the roles of Technical Staff and Global Admins?

    So a GA makes a decision, Technical Staff overrides it and tells an admin to do the opposite, isn't there a conflict of interests here?
    Why are Technical Staff even admins? They have their own job to do which they fucking can't do properly cause everytime something goes wrong on the server, ZUFF has to come and fix it.
    But I'm not talking about the whole technical staff, I'm pretty sure there are people that actually do something and others that just fuck around.

    Now let's talk about how admins are biased towards me and I'll give you one good example.

    >Server late at night, gaytazer, sinagrida, pain are there spamming their shitty soundboards with no admin online, I !sm them all, but hey guess what, they keep reconnecting so it overrides my !sm and I can still listen to them. I fucking call for an admin and no one shows up until I take it up to unloze's discord where I AM TOLD TO !SM THEM as they reconnect, until an admin shows up and gives them a warning or mutes them, can't remember that last part.

    >Me, gets soundboard today, playing funny sounds of humanzz during 2 maps, with no one complaining, jenz arrives and is laughing his ass off, egg is butthurt because he hates me, just like 90% of the admin team and decides to mute me for 1 day for no apparent reason.

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  2. Bird is the Word

    Bird is the Word Trigger free Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    I'm not going to reply to everything in your post, because I don't know the situation, but I can respond to the part about the Technical Staff + GA.

    You can view technical staff as the more 'senior' staff members (kinda like the old director rank), the 'hierarchy' (still, like William said, we don't "boss" over each other unless we think someone did an oopsie) of our server is as follows:

    TS can't do whatever they want, we still can get punished for our actions if we did something inappropriate, anyone from the admin team can report this to Jenz or George (the glorious leaders of our small and special server), players on the server can report this inappropriate behavior on the forums through an admin report.
  3. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Corruption in unloze!? :monkas:
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  4. zaCade

    zaCade /dev/null Technical Staff Mapper User Event Winner Discord Manager

    Can somebody actually give me a TLDR of this wall of text?
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  5. ΣZΣ | Cookie

    ΣZΣ | Cookie VIP VIP User Event Winner

    TLDR of what happened
    >cookie plays funny humanzz soundboard
    >egg apparently gives me warnings
    >when I stop he gives me last warning and I ask him what is he gonna do
    >he straight up mutes me for 1 day
    >I ask dejade if this was a good decision and he said no so he changes my mute to 2 hours
    >nivinski tells acid to mute me for 5 days

    This is why I'm mad

  6. zaCade

    zaCade /dev/null Technical Staff Mapper User Event Winner Discord Manager

    Understandable, altrough im not going to involve myself inside this, since im rather inactive.
  7. ΣZΣ | Cookie

    ΣZΣ | Cookie VIP VIP User Event Winner

    What point is understandable? Me being muted for 5 days for literally nothing or me being mad?
  8. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Global Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Ugh, just stop trying to nitpick on hierarchies/ranks to justify your points. It literally leads nowhere. We're a fucking gaming community, not trained government experts. You can't always expect anyone in any rank to know better/worse than someone else in another rank (higher or lower) in every scenario. Just focus on actions, not who people are.

    Regarding the egg & mute scenario, I can see in logs that you dismissed one of his first warnings. Regardless, he should have taken action after the first warning instead of giving more. 1 day was still too much, however. I can only imagine that his reasoning was your constant talking back and you ignoring so many of his warnings, but I guess you did not hear most of them.

    Also, it doesn't matter how much Jenz (or anyone) acknowledges or enjoys your spam. That's never a free-card for you. Egg warned you, listen next time. If you spam to the extent where you can't hear anybody communicating with you or trying to warn you, that's your problem.

    Dunno why you're muted for 5 days. I'll talk to Nivinski. Should be removed.

    Finally, there is no bias towards you. But there is a general consensus in the admin team about you. Do what you wish with this information. And stop trying to angle every single post you make, it's so cringe.
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  9. Nivinski

    Nivinski Sturmbahnführer Technical Staff User Discord Manager

    Didn't read too much of this to be honest;

    - Initial call of egg was a 5 day mute.
    - Dejade randomly overruled it to two hours
    - I only told that this was unreasonable as the initial mute was 5 days
    - Profit?
  10. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    This gets a yikes from me.
  11. u egg

    u egg Admin Admin User Event Winner

    You're the most pathetic, full of crap, player Ive seen on our servers (besides The Calculating God).

    You got a warning from Loones on pidaras that you ignored.
    You got several warnings from me, both in chat and microphone, on skyrim, that you ignored.

    When Niv connected you literally said "oh im gonna stop spamming Niv is gonna mute me".

    I asked you to stop spamming one last time to which you answered "what are you gonna do, mute me?"
    Well yes, Im going to mute your ass because its written in the rules.

    Jenz was playing with you for 20 secs, not knowing you had been spamming nonstop for over 30 minutes. Same with Niv, they literally just joined they couldn't know.

    You had been ignoring at least 2 admins for that much time, and then call me a retard when I finally mute you?
    And you blatently lie to everyone about what happened?
    And you call me French?

    If anything here, cookie, Im going to push for an extended mute for mute-avoid by sucking a GA's cock and a juicy gag for lying and talking shit to admins.

    Look at this graph to realize that yes, pidaras killed the server but YOU and YOUR SPAM on the next map kept the server population low (because you know, 0-5 two maps in a row?). When I muted you oh god whats happening server pop is increasing even though we went 3-12 on the same map.

    Edit : my initial and only action on Cookie was a 1140 minutes mute, which is imo justified considering the amount of warnings he got and how smart he thinks it is to challenge an admin.

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  12. Andersen

    Andersen The Demoter Retired Admin User Event Winner

    Without reading any of your comments... I know it's gonna turn into a meme :wlenny:
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  13. ΣZΣ | Cookie

    ΣZΣ | Cookie VIP VIP User Event Winner


    I joined the server on the last 2 or 3 rounds of pidaras and when Loones told me to stop, I did, I recall him saying on the chat "no" and I just stopped, then on the last round, during the last part of the map, that's when I was playing my SB.

    Oh mate, you're the one that's actually lying here, you said on the microphone "cookie this is your last warning" because you kept trying to warn me when I was only playing my SB, which obviously I couldn't hear, so I asked you "what are you going to do?" because there are many things an admin can do to a player, like abusing their power which you did. You gave me the last warning to stop using my SB and I did and you took it upon yourself to see my question as a threat and straight up muted me.

    Ahahahah, tell me where this is sucking Dejade's cock please.
    Plus you can't fucking blame me for killing the server, we were playing a meme map and people that didn't like my SB, were !sming me and I wasn't being a jackass and reconnecting like some people do.
    Also I'm going to link you to this thread if you haven't read it yet, there's some really valid points in there -

    also @William! :D the mute isn't removed.
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  14. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Global Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    This is just getting more stupid from Cookie's side and the thread is turning into a big "no u" scenario.

    I have told the admins to start stepping up. No more 5-6 warnings. We do not always want to punish immediately and that's why we just warn multiple times but clearly that just goes over people's heads and they take that as a challenge to push the boundaries more and more and then cry. So if from now on admins punish more harshly and directly, you're the cause Cookie.

    Stop trying to override every admin decision you do not agree with.

    Thread closed.
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