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Oct 11, 2016
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Read this always before posting an admin application!

Here are some guidelines to follow when posting an application:

1. General Information. Write some general information so we can get in touch with you easily. Do them in the following order:
-Steam ID
-Server(s) you are applying for
-Current Activity

2. Why do you want to be an admin? Tell us what drives you to join our admin team and help us manage this community.
3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin? List all the past duties you have done in any communities and what kind of skills/knowledge do you have.
4. Can you play during late hours? Do you have the possibility to play during late hours (past 1-2am) and very early (before 7am). Explain why and give us some details about how you could manage the server around these hours by yourself.
5. Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate or breaking the server rules on purpose. Explain to us how do you approach the situation. Add any details that seem important to you.
6. Other stuff and/or last words. Type here anything else you have in mind and finish your application in style!
Some small things that will help you out:
-Joining Discord and talking with us there ( no need to be afraid )
-Actively using microphone in-game ( and Discord too )
-Being a well-known person who gets along with many people
-The more detailed the application the better, obviously
-Having no bans

Please do not post your:
- Name
- Email
- Address
- Phone number

For any admin application, we don't need to know your personal information, all we need is you to be active on the servers, mature and helpful to other players.
We are only doing this to protect YOU, keep that in mind.

After you have written your post, current Global Admins will review it and decide whether you will be given the chance as an admin or not. Getting declined is not a permanent decision, keep playing and improving and you may get the chance finally.

Hopefully, you find this template useful. Let's keep this community going as far as we can!
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