Addressing Knife Fun Addition

Middy Nov 24, 2018

  1. quote: "It's the mode for all those knife fags who just can't hold their shit together until their katanas hit a Nemesis"
    I feel u wrote this for me <3 hahahaha
  2. Creepy

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    Honestly tho, this is not zombie escape map as Middy stated before, this ZM map should be removed, because this server is supposed to be "Zombie Escape" where you have to escape from zombies, dodge lasers, kill bosses and shit. Not some knifing zombies and people rage always. And who in the hell would make ze_knife_fun, without any jokes now.
    I recommend make a vote if people want to keep knife_fun or not. Because we play on zombie escape, not mini games or zombie mode. I just typed what I think, not trying to make some shit drama etc.
    Edit: I know, date etc...just decided to reply to this topic.
    Peace out.
  3. Klixus

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  4. u egg

    u egg Admin Admin

    The argument of "zombie escape is all about running from zombies, LASERS and bosses"... I mean it's zombie escape, not laser dodging minigames :lul: then pls remove all lasers map, mappers forgot thats minigame gameplay not ze :bobross:

    The same way all surf maps should be removed because they're surf maps gameplay, not zombie escape (seriously tho most surf maps are terribly balanced and boring). Same way nemesis is not zombie escape. Same way zm_cbble is a zombie hunting/mode map. Voodoo island is a zm map under ze disguise,ze_random ending is not actually escaping, all atix are mostly zm...

    So why am I saying that? To show you modern ze is not actually ze. There are so many arguments anyone can find to say "X map is not ZE, it has that thing. Y map is not ze, there's no escape". I just told you all lasers maps are not ze. That's my opinion. Your opinion is knife_fun is not ze. If in the end we would follow that logic we would end up with 5 maps out of 300 that qualify as a real true zombie escape maps.

    And who would make a knife_fun map? Well a week ago I heard Nostar and someone else talking about the possibility for them to map a few knife maps. Enjoy :one:
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  5. FierceG

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    Unloze is beyond saving nuke it from orbit
  6. gene

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    why are you conflating the objective of a map with the gameplay elements that are on the way to get there?

    surf maps are ze if you ESCAPE at the end
    gameplay being balanced or not is not a way to judge whether a map is ze or not which is what you appear to believe. same with whether they're fun or not

    nemesis is zombie escape if it's on a ze map, e.g. boatescape
    zm_cbble is a zm map, clearly

    this point i have issue with especially
    who are you to say that voodoo islands is zm when you escape at the end?
    most of the maps in random, aside from the bossfight,slender, failnades, are ze
    how can you determine that maps with any holdspots aren't really just "zm map under ze disguise"
    voodoo and atix are old maps, the fact that they have those twists on the zm formula in the form of there being an escape is what makes them ze

    lasers are a gameplay element that mappers can put in their maps to add a form of challenge that isn't just turning around and shooting
    same with any map that contains elements where a human has to do something resembling kz in order for humans to progress further
    those are elements that are just on your way to ultimately escaping, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is what the objective of a ze map is

    while your whole post is backed by no argument even worth considering, that specific point is not backed by any whatsoever. it seems to have been added just as "if you can make a claim then so can I", except yours holds no weight due to your "opinion" being so fucking disingenuous it's crazy.
    knifefun not being ze is not an opinion, it's a fact, since you do not escape. refer to above paragraph for what the objective of a ze map is
    please do tell everyone what maps are "real true zombie escape maps" and by what merit should they be determined as such

    and if those maps end up being made, why should they be added onto the server if they work in the same vein as knifefun? does nostar being the mapmaker specifically make a difference? would it be too hard to say "no your map isn't ze so it won't be added"?

    would be cool if you got rid of your bias and, quite frankly, retarded opinions
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  7. Glacius

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    Case fucking closed, thanks for providing me my monthly salt in this thread.
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  8. Middy

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    Damn, even now this has turned into quite an amusement for me to read. Eggs have been served for breakfast, lunch and dinner, lmao.