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    wtf is this

    its called progression my friend :president:
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    Good mivies to watch?

    "bad genuis" .. its so good so you feel stressed with the characters in it
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    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    says the guy with 0 solo 0 wins 0 life experience and 15 hours on ze ... then coming to tell me am bad at knifing, please no drama on forums (someone close this thread already)
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    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    i can agree on that:bobross:
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    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    nice win in the event btw
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    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    it was but unskilled trash noobs like you won't win it even without vip mod
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    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    0-60 inc
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    Application admin in ZR

    +1 goodluck!!
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    Event #308 || Nomination Thread

    surf maps : ze_surf_dark_fantasy_v1 ze_surf_outside_s3 kickers : only 3 rebuys allowed every round, applied to surf dark fantasy vip mod, vip dies rounds end, applied to surf outside
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    renko admin application

    2 apps on the same time ? sus +1
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    Announcement Small Announcement about VIP Purchase Options

    people will start simping to you
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    Bass heavy songs

    i highly recommend listening to hardwell, this one is a banger!
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    Event #307 || Nomination Thread

    i like this one :bobross:
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    Event # 305 || Nomination Thread

    i think we should do another surf outside event but without wind item :peepowink:
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    CS:S ZE Map List and Suggestions

    Map name: ze_luciddreams_v3_6_f2 Map download link: Map size: 31.9 mo Stages/items?: 1 stage/ 1 item : wind Reason to add: good map for solo fags