Zombie Riot update 2024


UNLOZE Founder
Oct 11, 2016
Hello to the 5 zombie riot players who in total might check the forum.

The last guy who did a super huge update for Zombie Riot was dazkhar in 2018 (fuck its really been over 5 years ago). Since then there has been somewhat of a neglect regarding the technical aspects of the zombie riot server and i want to apologize for this. I am very thankful for the community players who kept the server going by joining from time to time and doing their grinding.

Lately Moltard came in contact with some of the ZR players and did favours for them in regards to updating the server which has been a really nice help of him. Its mostly about balancing and updating maps i believe.

Considering that ZR discussions were very active on our new discord server i promised to take some time for helping out this week which i did. After a long time we finally got zombieriot replaced with a new plugin. Zombieriot on unloze only worked thanks to @Pan32 fixing gamebreaking issues related to it.

The new zombie riot should hopefully no longer have zombies spawning without knives. Additionally it features more configurations such as the zombie count on each day being scaleable meaning more humans means more zombies to kill on each day. And also a damage multiplier for the classes was added. The balrog can now kill you with a single hit for example. There is now also knockback on the zombies by default, also skinchooser and market were replaced. Instead now the commands are !zclass and !zmarket just like on zombie escape. Further more were lasermines removed as it stands right now due to them depending on zombie riot for functioning.

Further more can SourceTV finally be on the ZombieRiot server now. It already started generating demos from the server. the demos just need to be configured so they automatically move over to the upload page.

There are currently still some minor bugs that have to be sorted out but generally is the new zombie riot plugin ready and put to use. We hope people will enjoy it. I believe also that i might have time to add additional features to Zombie Riot still this week if people make good suggestions. Especially with the zombie riot code now being from unloze and not being the original anymore makes it a lot easier to approach and modify for the sake of adding new features to it.

I also especially want to thank @exha for helping out through the entire process by giving feedback, recommending fixes, testing the zombie riot plugin and generally being a great person to work with.