Where does your nickname come from?


The Real Futa
Retired Admin
Oct 11, 2016
ZeGaWa is very simple.
I wanted to be at the top or at the bottom of a list.
I didn't really liked the letter A so I picked Z.
The rest is kinda random as far as I can remember it just sounded nice to my ears back then so I kept it.
And it was a blast to see people calling me by different alternative of this nickname.
Zega, zeg, gawa
French people say zégawa or zeugawa.
and people who speak english pronounce it z/iː/gawa

And for the spelling that looks like a kid playing mw2 back on 2009 with a shitty mic, well I was a kid playing mw2 in 2009 with a shitty mic and also I always like when things are symmetrical and even xd.