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zaCade Jul 7, 2018

  1. zaCade

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    Hello there,

    Since i noticed yesterday that the server was lagging, next to hearing alot of people talking about the servers lagging left and right, i decided to spark life into a more detailed investigation to the cause of the lag, i'm afraid i can't say we found it just yet. Altrough we are looking into whats causing it, and when we do we'll obviously fix it a.s.a.p, however.. you could help us out by posting timestamps about times when the lag occured in this thread. This would help us in pinpointing when it occured and look at logs and details based on those timestamps.

    Thats about it for now. o/
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  2. FroZeeNN

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    was lagging like hell on mountain escape today , i kept getting teleported back whenever i tried to move forward and i had normal game conditions (decent ping&fps). tried to reconnect and it was still happening and btw it was also targetting few other people. some were playing like nothing was going on....
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    Before 23:30 yesterday (17/07) since we restarted the server at that timestamp because half of the people were lagging and dying. Also around 17:00 when we played rizomata. Could have been other times as well but I wasn't on. Hope it helps
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    well i can kinda repeat the same for csgo ze. I checked the server list and today all servers where for around 10 minutes not showing up and it refused to connect me to the go ze in that time. After something around 10 mins all servers showed up again in the list and connection worked then.

    Edit: Forgot to throw a link: http://status.ovh.ie/ this is ocassionaly usefull if there are random outtages
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