Hello, my name is Mini and I am a Zombie Escape Player. (I am 16 years old)
I play on this community for a long time, but never had the interest to make myself that known so I'm considering myself a random at the moment. Some may know me for the name "_Gabriel13", but I guess not.
I love Icecap, Fapescape, Shroom and Pirate map the most, I use items occasionally, because I'm scared to not screw up the match.
I am becoming a random everyday, but at least I'm better
Tommy is a good guy trust me
EDIT : I guess lennies are making that message. I DON'T INTEND TO PUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Sorry for inconvenience

I will update things about myself much later, but now enjoy yourselves and have a nice day
Dec 13, 2005 (Age: 16)


Steam ID


I am a random and I play unloze



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