If theres something others need to know about me then its that I am no asshole nor do I ever try to be.
I value:
respect,kindness,positivity,discipline,though I love it when people know how to have fun but without causing problems.Hating to be in trouble,Id rather focus on my own things,maybe stay quiet....tooo quiet.I absolutely hate drama,fights etc I believe in fixing everything peacefully.The idea of betrayal or backstabbing someone absolutely disgusts me ofc.
I do not try to sound arrogant or whatever,but i try to be the best version of myself.I can be an awesome friend,someone lovely I might be to competitive sometimes,but above all I try not to be like the rest of the scum who cause only pain in this world.If I dont want to cause suffering to others,I can atleast lighten their hearts up and let them know theres joy too.If you gain my respect,well good job we might get along.

`I will try to do better and only better`
`Live a life you will never forget and wich you can be fucking proud of`
Aug 11, 2000 (Age: 20)
Studying Network Engineering


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