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  1. tom13king
    tom13king Xehanort
    You're a mapper wat :pogchamp:
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  2. Chivas
  3. Ash
    May light reach your soul and forge it a new
  4. D3J4de
    D3J4de Zeus
    Hey there fellow weeb xd
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    2. Zeus
      Hello there x)
      Mar 21, 2019 at 10:21 AM
  5. tom13king
    tom13king Erebus
    Some say you are dining in hell i crie errytiem
  6. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Erebus
    Happy birthday papa erebuuuus! :D xd
  7. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Rijst met Kip
    Happy birthday! :)
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  8. Tom
    Tom Life is a Bitch
    Happy Birthday, Bitch is a Life
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    2. Life is a Bitch
      Life is a Bitch
      It s a russian fake birthday, i m not born in March, i m a true Lion :)
      Merci mon ami Tom ! Nice Aboose Tom
      Mar 8, 2019
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  9. Tom
  10. Tom
    Tom u egg
    Happy Birthday, dude
    (sry for the late greetings, I was celebrating your BD yesterday, I got drunk and I couldn't type, but I did it for you, bruh)
  11. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Bangarang
    Happy birthday bangarang! :D
  12. tom13king
    tom13king Life is a Bitch
    Happy birthday La vie, c'est une putain
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    2. Tom
      The fake Tom typing in French? Deported.
      Mar 7, 2019
    3. tom13king
      Mar 7, 2019
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    4. Life is a Bitch
      Life is a Bitch
      Thinkin to rename me into : Tom is Life, or Life is Tom .... As only Tom wished me my non-birthday ....or maybe Tom is a Bitch ???
      Mar 8, 2019
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  13. Kaka
    Kaka u egg
    Egg, it's been 26 years isnt it about time to hatch?

    Happy birthday uegg
  14. William! :D
    William! :D u egg
    Happy birthday, eggmin :)
  15. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang u egg
    Happy birthday egg! :D <3
  16. tom13king
    tom13king Zeus
    "& no I'm not a weeb" says the guy with a katana pic on his profile :lenny:
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    2. Zeus
      Hahahahaha :lenny: its for training purposes xdd
      Feb 26, 2019
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  17. ruo
  18. LAA
    LAA Backup
    Happy Birthday im Luke :D
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  19. Sinagrida
    Sinagrida Backup
    Happy birthday
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  20. D3J4de
    Hunting for the top 12 rank again