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  1. TheSilentBang
  2. Kaby
    Kaby FroZeeNN
    when back to css ? ;s
  3. Kaby
    Kaby Kristina
    KN = KrisNerd ;s
  4. Kaby
    Kaby Filip
    filip senpai, when comeback ? ;s
  5. Kaby
    Kaby Exodus
    8 months later, exo still not back ;( *loosing hope*
  6. ZeGaWa
    ZeGaWa AphyHentai
    Aphy come back posting lewd thing pls :(
    Happy Birthday btw :>
  7. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Captain Syphilis
    Happy birthday you nig nog xd
  8. Sinagrida
    discord loud i swear jenz : im ruling the server with an iron fist of lifeblood of zombie escape
    1. Sinagrida
      discord loud i swear jenz : only the cool admins are on at paranoid
      Dec 7, 2018 at 9:02 PM
  9. Kaka
    Kaka yoshmi
    Happy birthday Yoshmi, i mean yoshmi :wlenny:
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  10. ZeGaWa
    ZeGaWa yoshmi
    Joyeux Anniversaire Yoshmi :D
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  11. Alcolo Oasis
    Alcolo Oasis yoshmi
    Oulala bon anniversaire Lucas gros bg
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  12. Chivas
    Chivas yoshmi
    Admon its my birthday pls go Minas. Bon anniversaire croissant!!
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  13. Tom
    Tom OtonikaK
    Top 3 existential questions:
    1. What is the purpose of life?
    2. Coffee or tea?
    3. Why does OtonikaK have to be a zombieee?
  14. tom13king
    tom13king Игорь
    Happy birthday Nropb :wlenny:
  15. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Игорь
    Happy birthday! :)
  16. Hassan
    Hassan William! :D
    that gandalf guy claims to have more solos than me. i guess he is a funny guy.
  17. Hassan
    my name is still H.a.s.s.a.n George what have you done tec Admin. you cant write my beatiful name it changes automatically to The Calculating God.OhMyGod
  18. TheSilentBang
    TheSilentBang Abs 2
    Happy birthday abs! :D :) come back :'( <3
  19. Tom
    Tom Shiz0
    Congratulations, comrade.
  20. Kristina