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!-ZRampagewarriorZ-! Jan 1, 2020

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  1. 1.General information.
    -Nickname : You can call me Ramapge.
    -Age : 15 years old.
    -Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:420733814.
    -Server(s) you are applying for : I am applying for the CSS ZE server.
    -Current activity : I play daily around 2-5 hours and I don't play other games at the moment.

    2. Why do you want to be an admin?
    I want to be an admin because I really love this gamemode, that's make me relax when I feel tense about something. This server is the best server since I play for 5 years. And I want to be an admin to help players in the server.

    3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?
    I don't have experience as admin at all, but I got the will and stimulus to learn the orders and the duties of being an admin.

    4. Can you play during edgy hours?
    Yep , I can play during edgy hours.

    5. Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate on purpose.
    If I suspected some players to inflate and I sure they did wrong. For the examples
    Ex.1 => Mr.A knifed forward, at first I needed to warn him but if he didn't against or listened, I'll ban him.
    Ex.2 => Mr.B use microphone and open loud sound, memes, etc. that were making players in the sever feel annoyed. I'll mute him 2 minites first, but if he's still doing this, I have to mute him 60 minutes or permanent mute.
    Of course I must be careful when I accuse someone of inflating, trolling, etc.
    As long as I can prove what they did was against the rules and warned them to stop doing it, I'll ban them.

    6. Other stuff and/or last words.
    Other last words? umm......

    I'm not using Discord and I'm not usually posting anything on the forums.
    I haven't got ban in this server.
    I don't have any girlfriend.
    I'll be a good admin.
    Sorry for some grammars or vocabularies that I mistaked.
    At last, Thank you for reading my application!

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  2. Bro Man Salam

    Bro Man Salam New User

    He has not girlfriend, so, just accept him please, xd
  3. Meir

    Meir VIP VIP

    Gl Ramapge
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  4. xD
  5. Kaka

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    Sadly your English is a bit lacking as in it's important to be able to communicate clear message with other admins/players and explain certain situations. Otherwise you have been a dedicated player and haven't really caused any problems on the server and in the future I would like to give you a chance as an admin if you improve your English
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