!-ZRampagewarriorZ-!'s admin application (new application)

!-ZRampagewarriorZ-! Jan 13, 2020

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  1. 1. General Information.
    -Nickname : Rampage.
    -Age : 15.
    Stream ID :STEAM_0:1:420733814.
    -Server you are applying for: CSS:ZE
    -Current Activity: Play CSS when I'm free. 2-4 hours daily.

    2. Why do you want to be an admin?
    I usually play ZE on Unloze. Unloze is an excellent server and great community, I made a lot of friends on this server. And I want to help players on the server and always keep the server clean all the time.

    3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?
    I have no experience at all. But I will learn and to evolve to be a good admin.

    4. Can you play during edgy hours?
    I usually play on early hours. But when I'm free I can play all the time.

    5. Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate on purpose.
    If I suspected a player to inflate and were sure about what they did was wrong, first I would warn them not to do it again.
    If they still ignore me for any reason and keep inflating I would ban the suspect player for 30-60 minutes (depending on how important is what they did or their previous ban records.)
    Of course I would be careful when I accuse someone of inflating. As long as I can prove what they did was against the rules and warned them to stop doing it.

    6. Other stuff and/or last words.
    I play ZE on Unloze for 2 years.
    I usually use discord. No need to be afraid to add me as friend.
    I'll try me best to be a good admin.
    My phone number : xxx-xxx-xxxx
    My address : somewhere in the Earth.
    My Email : I can't remember my Email.

    ...Thank you for reading!...

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  2. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Retired Admin VIP

    You already got declined one, less than 2 weeks ago. Making a new application like this immidietly after will pretty much ruin your chances permanently. You don't come off like actually wanting to be admin for the benefit of the server.
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  3. Vanster

    Vanster The Shadow Monarch Senior Admin

    You have been declined and making another app right away is not going to change anything. [This also means that you are not supposed to create one right away]
    Also i dont believe you are ready to take on the role as an Admin yet.
    Something that would benefit you greatly is actually talking with players ingame and not just on discord.
    Sure in the end the seniors decide if you get selected or not but i personally also believe that players somewhat have to approve you aswell and know who you are. You'r english is still lacking but if you would actually use a mic ingame to communicate you would get better at it.
    I've been personally using my mic since im 14 on CSS and i can tell i improved my english GREATLY by just constantly talking to people.
    But yeah.. start being a talk active person ingame and not just saying hello and some other stuff on discord cuz that is not going to improve ur chances.
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