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nano Jun 7, 2018

  1. nano

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    I know you guys are tired of listening/reading my shitty emotional voice/posts of this map but this is my 1st own map and i wanna show you the progress here (Discord too xd), so i'm going to upload some images here about the map, etc. New ideas are welcome (ofc if you find a bug you can tell me and i'll fix it)

    The map is called: ze_assassins_creed_a2, is a map based on the 1st game of the saga Assassins Creed (city of Acre and the temple of masyaf). The map will have 2 stages for now and its an open world map like the game. It will have some boss fights and npc to kill, and some climbing parts like the game too. The map is 70% maybe, i need to fix small glitches and finish the stage 2 (stage 1 its already done). The castle of masyaf is almost done too, now i need to get some motivation and ideas to keep mapping.

    Here some images:
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  2. Schicksal

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    No idea if you did that since I didnt play your map yet, but you could add the Siege of Robert de sable on masyaf after Altair got defeated by him in Solomons temple.
  3. William! :D

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    You could try to include small elements from the game series to make it more like the game :)

    A part where we exit or enter the Animus (could be a nice intro/outro to the map). Classic items like the crossbow (even if it's not in the first game). Player models for Altair/Ezio and Templar for zombie. Hidden treasures around stage 1 that perhaps unlocks something in later stages or just gives boosts/abilities to buy upgrades. Leap of faith (of course).

    You could also include choices between "stealth" and "assassinating" to make it more interesting. An idea could be adding guards on holds instead of those exploding barrels. Waiting for them to die, alternatively requiring us to kill them, could symbolise assassinating whilst adding an extra trigger that opens another path around (above, under, from side) could symbolise stealth.
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  4. Gee Ef Ell Mustard Race

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    Need a hidden blade item that one shots zombies
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  5. nano

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    Since i reached the brush limit, i cannot buil nothing more.

    Good ideas, will see what i can do
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