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Glacius Apr 10, 2018

  1. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    So, I decided to make this post to inform the community on the upcoming changes to the forum.
    We've decided to switch to Xenforo 2. This is a massive change, and will re-shape the forum.

    Now, I've been waiting for the author of our current theme to update their files, but they seem to be MIA.
    This means, that upon the forum upgrade, the theme will be changed.

    Most of you might remember from the old theme poll, that there was a theme called "Tactical".
    This is going to be our new theme going forward, and I hope everyone can live with that decision.
    Link to the new theme we'll be using; Tactical

    We'll also be changing a lot of the current forum add-ons we're using, as none of the old ones work on xF2.
    We'll be sporting a new Shoutbox, Steam Integration, Discord Integration and Countdown -add-ons.
    In addition to these, I will be adding multiple quality of life add-ons when I can find proper ones.

    This is a massive upgrade and the forum will be offline for one day during the switch.
    Please discuss in this thread. Anything is suspect to change, and I'd love to hear the community response.
  2. bAka

    bAka Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Seems a great idea to me! Hope everything goes well on the switch up themes.
  3. lambda

    lambda !brainpower Admin User Event Winner

    I used Tactical theme in my old community and can vouch for it :D
  4. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    Clarification for those who are wondering;
    We're not going to be using a "gaming" picture as the background for the new site.
    I'm switching that to a more neutral background, such as the one we're currently using.
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  5. Bird is the Word

    Bird is the Word Trigger free Technical Staff User Event Winner Discord Manager

    Good shit boy! Let me know if you need any help :pogchamp:
  6. Nanami

    Nanami VIP VIP User Event Winner

    sounds pretty good! I can not wait any longer :really: