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Bolol Jun 13, 2019

  1. Bolol

    Bolol Super gay VIP User

    im new around here. been 10+ years since i play css last. i see alot of changes, cs:go etc.. bought css and other games last week, and im into zombie escape servers. need some new friends to update/help me around so i can get back in the game a bit. :)
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  2. Alcolo Oasis

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    First of all, welcome back to CSS and welcome to Unloze ;)
    If ever you are uncomfortable with something, feel free to ask in-game, here on the forum or even on our Discord server which you can join by clicking the "Join Server" button on the main page of the forum. Players and admins can always help you.
    Anyway, it's always satisfying to see people coming back to this game after many years. I hope you will enjoy your stay on our servers ^^
  3. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Global Admin User Event Winner Event Manager

    Feel free to add anyone on our server on steam, as most people are willing to chat or help around.
    Here's my steam profile if you wish to add me: https://steamcommunity.com/id/01271121/
    Getting into zombie escape can be confusing the first times but usually on difficult maps we have somebody "leading" in the microphone, trying to lead us to victory. I suggest you listen to the leader!

    Sometimes we use terminology that is specific for the gameplay and might be good to know:

    Edge/Edging - Standing too close to the zombies meaning being vulnerable to an infection. If a leader calls out "Don't edge", he usually means get away from the box you're standing on or move a bit away from the edge

    Nade - Grenade. (Grenades turn zombies on fire and slow them down. Good for when we are running away)

    Failnades - Sometimes the explosion from grenades can boost zombies forward. This is a failnade. Always try to throw them so they explode above the zombies!

    Defend/cover - Shoot away the zombies!

    Backpaddle - This means walking/running backwards while shooting the zombies that are behind you

    Doorhugging - This is when somebody is just standing at the next holdpoint (which is often a door) and not being useful, not helping to shoot away the zombies.

    Lasers - A lot of maps have bossfights and a lot of bossfights have lasers. These are usually dodged by crouching or jumping. The height of the laser determines this. If a laser touches you, it's often an instant kill

    Trigger - Most holdpoints/bossfights/teleports/doors etc requires a trigger. Most of the time, it's just walking up to these things but sometimes we have to solve a puzzle or pull a lever etc. If you're doorhugging, try to get the trigger

    Bhop - Bunny hopping is a way of jumping in order to accelerate forward. Not specific to ZE but thought I'd explain it since it's a big part of ZE maps. Sometimes we have to go down ramps which zombies can bhop on

    Materia/item - A lot of maps have special items both zombies and humans can pick up, with special effects. They can freeze/burn/push/slow/damage zombies and much more. Most of the time, you use an item by pressing "E" on your keyboard.

    Overdefend - Over defending is when you stay and shoot the zombies for too long. This has consequences. Remember that the gamemode is escaping. Often we have to get into a bossfight before the doors close or get across a bridge quickly. A lot of maps also have teleports for the zombies and if you defend for too long, you might get teleported with them.
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  4. tom13king

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    ''Backpaddle'' :hyperclap:
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  5. Sinagrida

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    add only if u like paranoid
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  6. -Hudda

    -Hudda Admin Admin User Event Winner

    Welcome to UNLOZE and to css in general. We could be a little/very autistic but please bear with us. William already explained everything but feel free to add me as well! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Haddah/
    I won't be around in-game but could still answer any questions you have, also join our discord for for your daily dose of lifeblood of zombie escape . :pepocheer:
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  7. Glacius

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    Lmao this is the new player experience.
  8. tom13king

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    Just to let you know we're extremely racist :hdlenny:
  9. Luke

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    Everyone is racist? what u mean Tom13king :DD
  10. Bolol

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    Well, thanks for some good laugh. ;)
  11. Luke

    Luke Renowned User User Event Winner

    Well i care
  12. MadMan™

    MadMan™ VIP VIP User

    I love the aaautism on the server actually. You should call it a feature of the server IMO.
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