The Zombie Riot server has been revived

Dazhkar Apr 5, 2018

  1. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Hey everyone,

    I've been working on the ZR server for the past 2 weeks. I think there is a good potential on this server and i think it would be a nice place to play when the ZE is playing a map you don't like.
    So here are the modifications made :

    Plugins added :

    Roll the dice :
    write !rtd in the chat to have a bonus or to loose money/hp/weapon.

    Laser mines :
    Use !blm <amount> to buy laser mines and !lm to place one where you're aiming.
    At the moment, you can buy 5 mines top. Each of them costs 2.000$ and deals 20 damages to zombies.
    Zombies can destroy the mines knifing it and they deal damage when they explode.
    Changed start money to 4000 due to the cost of lasermines

    Flamethrower :
    Type !flame to use your flamethrower. I kept the default setting for this one. So 5 cells and 3 sec delay between shots.

    Turret (thanks to Pan32)
    Write !turret to spawn a turret in front of you. The turret can fall easily. Press e once to take the turret with you and e again to put her back down.

    AdminCheats.smx : Only root admins can use this and it's not made to be abused.

    Advertisements : To have some useful messages in the chat.

    Blame.smx : Because we like to blame

    Extracommands.smx ; ForceInputs.smx and teleport.smx (thanks to Neon) : Those 3 are just useful admin commands.

    Glowcolors : Type !glow to put your skin in a specific color and !rainbow to have a rainbow skin but you already know this one from ZE.
    P.S. : i can add colors if you suggest me some.

    The store : As usual, use !store to access it but you can only earn 1 credit per kill. There is no other way to earn credits for the store on ZR!

    I added 10 skins to the store :
    Slav terrorist :
    Wesker :
    Katarina (LoL) :
    Boba Fett :
    Faith (Mirror Edge) :
    Monkey :
    Sonic :
    Hatsune Miku : I picked the first on top left.
    Darth Maul : from the same pack as Boba Fett
    Bikini Lara : i'll let you discover this one :wlenny:

    You can also suggest skins for the ZR here!

    I added 23 maps, you’ll find the complete list here :
    If you have map suggestions, post them here.

    I changed all the days. We went from 24 days to 11. Hopefully, you'll enjoy this new gameplay.
    Edit : If you die 3 times during the same day, you will respawn as zombie.

    Special thanks to Jenz who was the first to work on Zombie Riot and allowed me to not start from scratch.
    Special thanks to Bird, Nivinski, Pan32 and Neon for their help and the time they took to answer all my questions!

    ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨ NOW WE RIOT ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨
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  2. Bird is the Word

    Bird is the Word Trigger free Senior Developer

    Great work, @Dazhkar! I'll come and join this weekend, lets have some fun! :D
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  3. jenz

    jenz UNLOZE Founder Leader

    i will try to play some on zr this weekend hue
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  4. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin

    Holy shit @Dazhkar i love you, you first revived mini games and now ZR. I tried doing it before but i was lazy. :kappa::lul: Good luck with it, ill help you out with the server soon <3
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  5. Martin

    Martin VIP VIP

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  6. Loones

    Loones Advisor Advisor

    First off, I would like to say I enjoy the revived ZR at the moment.:really:

    There are some issues with it.

    1: When you buy the lasers !blm, they are quite overpowering and makes zm kills a lot easier at the beginning of the stages.
    2: When you become a ZM, the !flame is quite OP also. You can you use it where ever behind a box, the side and yet the CT's can still be on fire.
    3: Maybe you need a tutorial for the noobies that don't know how to play or their first time in the game.
    4: I feel like the bots just aimbot and quite intelligent when it comes to ZR, they hide anywhere, they mark straight on to you like a laser.

    I mean so far, I am liking how the server is handling, could use some improvements. :one:
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  7. Ostkand

    Ostkand Latos Retired Admin

    Thanks for the constructive critique @Loones :pogchamp:
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  8. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    @Martin Sorry for the late answer but i don't have access to hlstats and i don't know how to do it. @Neon : can you give me some info about the bots and hlstats regarding Martin's post ?

    @Loones :
    1. you can now buy 3 mines top instead of 5 and they deal 15 damages instead of 20.

    2. i never noticed we could use it as zombie. That's indeed an issue but the plugin doesn't include any cvar to allow only CT to use it. So, i can disable the plugin if you want. If we want to allow it only for CT, we need to modify the plugin but i don't know how to do that.

    3. Here's a guideline : Shoot the zombies!!! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!! (and read the chat for useful information). Now, for a serious answer, most of the information on how the server works are in the messages you can read in the chat. I made them on purpose.
    If you think some should be added because some things aren't clear enough, let me know and i'll add them.

    4.Bots are set on the highest difficulty, they are as smart as they can be. So no surprise they spot and aim at you quickly.

    I also decreased the bots' speed from 800 to 700 for the 7th day "Too fast for you". Tell me if it's enough or still too hard.
  9. Nerdypotato

    Nerdypotato #Brexit #blamepotato Admin VIP

    From testing on the ZR server i feel like a few things need a rework, such as:
    The turrets:
    They deal tiny amounts of damage in later rounds, which in itself is not a major problem, it's the fact that you can block the zombies inside of the turrets by picking them up and moving it into them which makes the boss rounds incredibly easy and normal zombies rounds inpossible to lose.
    For example, if you find a 1 way room, you can place the turret in the doorway or entrance and they simply cannot attack you, and all uoi need to do is wait.

    Secondly, the zombie quantity and vitality:
    The amount of zombies per wave, in my opinion, should scale with the amount of players on the server. The same goes for the health. Maybe decrease the default values they are at now and scale it up per player from there because it is incredibly repetative at rounds 6+ as it just goes on for far too long, and the health of the zombies makes it almost impossible to win if you're solo unless you use the turret trick i mentioned above.

    Another point, the zombie movement:
    I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but i imagine it might, but the zombies should be able to use crouch paths as some maps have spawns where the zombies have several paths where they could use a ventilation shaft instead of a doorway. Or the humans are in a room where the only entrance is through a crouch only space, so zombies have no way to attack them.

    Finally, the boss wave:
    The bosses have waaaay too much health and move at break-neck speeds, which is incredibly hard without the use of turret glitches and laser mines. So maybe, as stated earlier, they could be scaled down per player currently on the server?

    These are all the problems i found while playing on the server and i'll post again if i find any more, but i have an idea that could be implemented if possible?
    Some zombies could have specific resistance and weaknesses to certain gun types, just an idea.

    Anyway, that's all for now. Look forward to the feedback.
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  10. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Thank you for your feedback @Nerdypotato

    Few people told me about the block with the turret. The best would be to have a stationnary turret imo but as i don't know how to edit plugins i disabled it.
    My knowledge is limited so if anyone knows how to fix those problems, feel free to help.

    Unfortunately, i can't scale the HP value and zombies amount with the players. I can only put numbers.
    Day 2 went from 200 to 150 zombies
    Day 3 went from 300 to 200 zombies
    Day 4 went from 500 to 300 zombies
    Day 5 went from 500 to 300 zombies
    Day 7 went from 400 to 300 zombies
    Day 8 went from 200 to 150 zombies
    Day 9 went from 800 to 500 zombies
    I also reduced a bit the HP for the zombies on almost every day.

    To change the zombie navigation, i think it might be possible with a .nav file but we would need 1 per map.
    @Moltard : Do you know if it could be something possible to do ?

    For the bosses, i reduced 20.000 hp for all of them. The mines are meant to be used and the difficulty of the days have been thought for players using those.

    I like your idea to implement some skins more vulnerable to specific weapons but once again, i have no clue how to make it happen.
  11. Loones

    Loones Advisor Advisor

    What get me to with the blocking and what not is one of the CT skins called "Blade". You get quite stuck on the characters skin where you are in a tight space.

    Another issue is where when you die with lasers or forgot to pick them up after finishing a game (Dying or winning a round), they always say max bought and cannot buy any other sort of mines when you start the round, only if you rejoin the game you can buy them again.
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  12. Moltard

    Moltard Developer Developer Mapper

    i got no experience with .nav file, but anyone can create a custom
  13. Spookie

    Spookie New User

    Hello just here to share my thoughts on the server "revival" after i had played it for a while (mostly from a solo perspective), although i would rather call it a reopening as there isn't that much of a difference between this and the old one.

    anyways it is really nice that the amount of days and zombie kills has been decreased as a game would take literally forever to finish.

    what i think about the gameplay:
    its mostly like the one before but now with lasers, some waves are easier some harder but more maps are winnable coz of lasers, zombies now have a freeze timer which is nice but could be longer in some waves and now you get virtual currency instead of noting when killing a zombie.

    i really like the credit system and would like to see it expanded coz i personally think they should be used for more than just skins as i have seen many players write things such as !revive and !rpgmenu, and i really think the server could use some kind of level up system to encourage playing on the server to level something up.

    lasers while i think they are useful all of the 11 waves they actually become more necessary as the waves go by and are a must have in the boss rounds especially the last one as the bosses have a ridiculous amount of hp (sry if you are more than 1 player, shooting is not a good option even with the nerfed boss hp) . the lasers do have issues when a round ends because you loose them if you forgot to pick them up and your inventory still says you have them.

    i do feel a bit conflicted about the turrets removal first of all when it killed something it counts as them doing a suicide so no money for the player, second while they could be used as blocking tools zombies tend to just jump over them, third while it was good to have it with you it was practical useless after wave 2 and only useful to trap bosses afterwards and last zombie players could summon turrets too which is quite wrong.

    The zombies hp scaling is absurd and would maybe be best if it was disabled. When the zombies suddenly can tank a full mag of old pumpy to the face the gameplay gets quite dull.

    the rtd thing is fun but only 1 roll each life is meeeh idk i personally like to have a option to make a new roll that overrides the old one after like each 50 kills. I also have a problem with the berserker roll, if i have placed my lasers and i get this roll i will suddenly die for no reason, this has happen quite a few times.

    i also have issues on the server when i solo where i suddenly loose a round even though im still alive, most of the time is at random but other times it happens when someone joins but leaves before getting into the game or something like that.

    other things:
    wave 4 is way too hard zombies have too much hp and too much speed.
    if every kill gives 1 credit why is there is there even bosses give us some pride and accomplishment for killing them
    and why do the zriot server have so may slots?
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  14. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin

    This has been an issue on the ZR server for a long time, it was present 2 years ago as well. Admun pls fix.
  15. Nanami

    Nanami Renowned User

    @Dazhkar you're the best, I mean you make UNLOZE great again...and these skins tho, I'm going to play ZR as well.
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  16. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Thanks for your feedback. I did what i could knowing i didn't know anything about ZR mode when i start working on it. Most of your suggestion can be done i think by editing the plugins or creating other plugins which will allow what you suggest but once again, i don't know anything about it and then i can't do it by myself.
    If anyone knows how to make it happen, please do it. If someone knows a plugin that will allow one of the things he said possible, send me a link.

    Now, here's what i can do :
    1. Freeze time at start went from 10 to 12. I can only put an overall freeze time not a specific one for each day.

    2. I'm glad you like the credits system. It's linked to the store plugin which has been encoded for specific items. Having special features who could be bought with credits would be amazing but once it's out of my reach.
    Turning the server into a rpg zombie riot could be a solution. I don't know neither how to do it though.

    3. I already decreased the boss' hp by 10.000 at least on the last post. I should run some test on the server but it may still be too much for most maps.

    4. The turret is created from a plugin, i can't edit the damage of it or allow the player using it to get the kill and as you said, it can be used by the zombies and also to block the boss which made the day too easy. So as i can't edit it, i removed it.

    5. You can roll the dice 3 times per round now. Do you think the Berserker issue is manageable or would you prefer to have it removed ?

    6. The day's difficulty has been made to be beaten with laser mines. Without the laser mines, the days would be much more harder but if i lower the difficulty, the laser mines makes it way too easy.
    So yes, you are supposed to use it to beat the days and once again, i'm aware of the bug where you can't buy more if you don't pick them up but that's also related to the plugin...

    7. I'll take a look at the zombie scales. I tried to adjust it already but you may be right on it. I think i'll have to edit some zombie skins but i'll probably end up disabling it.

    8. I 'm not sure i understood what you meant. Did you mean you lose a round when you're 2 on the server and the 2nd player leaves ?

    9. I decreased 100 hp for zombies on day 4 which should make it easier now.

    10. I can't give a special amount of credits for bosses. This is why you only get 1 killing them. The store only allows to give 1 credit per kill and nothing has been created in it about "special" kills.

    11. 64 is the default amount of slots for all our servers. it has been reduced on mg and gg and we can do it too for ZR. I'll talk with some other admins about that.

    To conclude, i'll say that i appreciate the feedback and suggestions you're all giving here and i hope you'll understand that i appreciate them and would like to see most of them (if it's not all of them) applied on the server. I just don't know how it can be done... My knowledge is very limited about all of this.

    P.S. : Thanks Nanami for your message :).
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  17. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin

    From what i had noticed and remember, if your're playing solo and another player joins the server the zombies immediately win that round and the same day begins again. I think this happened only when you were the sole player on the server and not when there were other players as well on the server already.
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  18. Spookie

    Spookie New User

    ^^ this, but in my experience its a bit different, players can join with no problems even if i solo and the game will continue as usual, when i get the restart however it is then they try to join to but never get into the game (like disconnect mid load or timeout you name it but idk).

    when people connect to the server you will see in the chat that someone is coming and then they reach the game they will be parked in spec and then they can decide to join a team, if this happen there is no problem the round continues.

    When the restart happens its the same as a as before, i see there is a player joining in the chat but a few sec later zombies win, after the restart i will then look at the scoreboard and the server browser a few times over the course round to see if anyone joined but more often than not there is no one, the same guy can ofc try again and get in without making the round to restart. This luckily only happens in solo mode.

    After playing a bit with the new settings i found them quite enjoyable well from day 1-5. as most players would just rtv at day 3 or 4 so i actually never reached the bosses.

    zombie hp scaling is still a thing. i know you disabled a file but i think there is something in the mode itself.
    usually the first day you can shot a zombie 1-3 time in the head to kill it, but with like 5 players it would take quite few more.
    i think zombies hp works like this: (hp) x (amount of players).

    oh and many maps in the nominate list seems to be frozen as the count down wont move.
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  19. Nanami

    Nanami Renowned User

    so many texts, too lazy to read everything.
  20. Kaka

    Kaka Renowned User Retired Admin VIP

    I was playing with 8 people today and the rtv spam is real. One guy can changed the map 3 times. Though it would be really fun too have that rpg thing you mentioned. Or maybe you could make t weapons stronger than ct weapons but make them more expensive.

    Something i would also like too see is respawn immunity as well. Its really obnoxious when zms are at ct spawn and you keep getting backstabbed everytime you spawn. Another thing that kinda bothers me is when you die 3 times you get put on the zm team but the money is just gone. So after the next round begins and your back on the ct team you have 1000 too spend

    Sorry im quite tired
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