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Schicksal May 10, 2018

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  1. Schicksal

    Schicksal Well-Known User

    Hey everyone,

    It’s me again. We haven’t have drama for a while so I want to create some. I didn’t say anything for a while because I didn’t want to bother myself but I think it’s time again not just to watch like others how the server status goes worse. If you care or not, is something I am not really caring of as well.

    One major point is that some admins are always thinking that they could do whatever they want abusing torchlight/spamming around, abusing maps/force inputting/killing people on maps. This got lowered with the new wave of admins because why?! I always was of the opinion that getting newer people and giving other people that aren’t favoured by other admins a chance, is the best way to get fresh ideas and new blood for the server. This favouritism also was a part that killed the server for a while. The new wave of admins, giving finally other people a chance that isn’t favoured really became good for the server. People like Tom, Ixok, batatata, admins that are all the time around on the server, are the real ones that put effort into it. Don’t get me wrong, with this I am not implying that the rest of you didn’t put any effort into it or less or more, everyone that played and invested their time to this server did a lot effort as well, but if you are REALLY busy with life and don’t have the time to handle something, you should really try to find someone else to take over your part. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS.

    You guys must understand finally that you won’t keep a server alive just by doing nothing and chilling around. Saying “We did this and this….” Is always easy to say but DOING ACTUALLY SOMETHING is WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO.I mean let’s be honest, wanna be faggots that pretend to have a life and play 24/7 dota or league and say that we can’t put effort into making this server better “wäh wäh wäh”. You know what I will say to these people: GET THE FUCK OUT AND GIVE YOUR JOB TO SOMEONE THAT ACTUALLY WOULD PUT EFFORT INTO MAKING THIS SERVER BETTER BECAUSE YOU ARE OUT OF PLACE à THANKS.

    These things count to Dejade known as global admin and “Event Manager” that plays a lot of league but is always pretending that he does a lot of work for the server so he can’t manage to do events. Excuses over excuses. Yea Dejade bruh, sorry but step aside and give the event manager work to someone else. I am 100percent sure there are dozens of people that can manage this work better than you do it. You pick again events the way you want for whatever excuse you will come with again instead taking the events from the event suggestion thread which is the purpose for it. Why is the community even suggesting events when you won’t take it anyway? It is in your own hands to motivate people to stay here and do their part. Nobody will suggest anything when you won’t take it anyway.

    Next point is no steam players. I like this idea honestly because there are many no steam players that are also good people. But I think this idea came a bit rushed because you guys didn’t want to put effort into something since you “did” a lot already. I remember Jenz putting a lot of “effort” into the cs go server and saying it didn’t work. BUT AT LEAST YOU TRIED. It’s not about having good results at the end; it is about trying your best Jenz. Now the server is filled mostly with no steam player that take place of regular players. They have to learn the maps from 0 which is actually fun it pushes the team further getting newer people known as much as playing with them and trusting them.

    But again people go and come. And if you want to make them stay somewhere you have to know what the problems of the server are and you have to start solving them in the best way possible. There is a lot of player base we just lost because of daily abuses back in times. You will come with no that’s not true. Sure try to excuse yourselves with that but that’s a fact.

    I am sorry for the rest of you guys. I don’t want to bother myself anymore. This is the point I stop playing this game. Wish the best for everyone.
  2. I was on the server today and witness the whole thing and i agree with schiksal on the fact for a long time certain admins do as they please and without any actions what so ever, i mean there is something that is called to be humble everyone makes mistake but i noticed that many admins dosent actually care cause they are in a postion where they can do as they want and for me thats been playing here for a long while is nothing new

    If Higher ups would actually start caring about the players a bit more than themself i think that is a good start, i feel like the new admins are actually doing more work on the server than the old ones to be honest, Egg,Batatatatatata,william,Tom , Ixok are playing everyday almost and is activ.

    this is just my opinion and im sticking by it dont care if people dont agree thats up to u, but when admins/higher ups can do whatever they want it just sends the wrong signal to other people coming to the server to play.

    Make changes and listen to what he is saying instead of reading trough the lines, he is actually dissapointed and i dont blame him, i would be to if someone was abusing on a map i love to play, its principial, follow the rules and be aware of people`s Feelings and act as u actually care. there are people like him that makes this server alive and we should try to take care of people like him on the server, he inspired me to leading on maps and thats thanks to him im doing to this days.

    Hope we can all be friends in the end and just fics the situation for the sake of the community.
  3. Middy

    Middy Poner Faggot VIP

    1 n f o m e r c i a l 2.0
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  4. bAka

    bAka Admin

    I really dont know what happened, but it was something between you and d3j4de, the way you talk about him in that post is just pure childish.
    I know how you act when you get mad, you start insulting the way you want, and you dont really care how you are treating that person. You just start and never stop until you get muted or something like that.
    I really dont wanna get in any conflicts here. Just saying what I really feel about you, just a toxic regular player. Nothing else. Yeah yeah, you lead well, you are a nice teammate sometimes, but when you REALLY rage, everything goes down. You start insulting with such a voice, its like you hate the person in real life, its so fucking stupid. You should get what you deserve. I play this game for fun, im not really into getting in any trouble by insults behind the fucking screen, just get your shit together already.
    I dont have anything against you Schicksal.
  5. Schicksal

    Schicksal Well-Known User

    Ok you weren’t there but you know that I „yell at people when I am raged“. I legit lost hope on common sense of humanity. First I don’t yell and rage on people without a reason. Again if you understand those reasons or not I couldn’t care less about. First you know what rage is? Rage is something that is [Internalized Oppression] by other people’s behaviour. I will explain your behaviour and Dejades behaviour right now and then let’s keep going to talk about what happened. First we played easily 1 hour Feywood and then 2 hours Gris just to win the end stage. Dejade comes on the last stage for 10minutes and joins the server. We were winning RTV level 2 twice and once RTV level 1. So because some retards the names I won’t mention here now because they are worthless, tell him to change to RTV 2 again just to dodge some fucking lasers led Dejade to set the next round to RTV 2 again. He ended the round with force input and we went for it. Now for normal humans with common sense that you would have, my first question would be!!! Why not first play the round to an end and let people who didn’t win it yet win it as well? My second question is a bit tough but retardism is spread well out nowadays, now I am to 100percent sure he will come with I didn’t know that we didn’t play twice rtv 2 so we could play twice rtv 1? It’s simple because you didn’t ask dejade. You did just want you wanted at that point and you know that you are wrong. Accept it or not your decision led to what happened.

    For you guys it’s a simple ROUND that lasts probably 2minutes. Yes common sense isn’t found here as well. Because you guys were the ones that played easily 2 hours right? You guys were leading for so much time right? I could lead for 10hours that’s not the point. You guys just don’t understand what it comes down to. Good, if you believe so sure it is just one simple round.

    Now to Baka. I will explain what happened in Ridorana baka, because it is the best example. I am sure you still remember it. What did you do there Baka. Let me remind you all of this. First the server of Unloze was straight dead for easily 6days that week. What did I do? I called everyone in my friendlist, set a day up to enjoy a map we never finished yet. So I told them day X be there and lets do this with the agreement of Neon. Everyone came and we played the map for 6hours straight in total easily. Ok now comes the fun part here again. What did Baka do is the one billion question here? He joined in mid game when we played easily like 3-4hours straight, took the opportunity when I filled the server to get other maps on and just told people to rtv. Now common sense asks here? Baka why didn’t you first play with us the map for a bit when we played it straight for 3-4hours? You didn’t even try and tried to get other maps on. What did I do is the one billion question here? I simply yelled on you?! Why did I yell on you? Common sense says because you tried to be a douche that wanted to ruin the fun back then. I mean I understand that we played it for a long time but what you did was out of place. You are an admin and you are supposed to make the best for the server’s health. If you would have said something like “let’s keep playing for a bit guys and change the map we get tired of it”. But no you didn’t, you even said “you guys played for so long it’s becoming boring”. Did you play? No, then simply don’t speak. I am sorry but I can see how I am acting. The ones that can’t see how they are acting are you guys.
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  6. Kaka

    Kaka Admin Admin VIP

    You really make it sound like the end of the world once more. Also Unloze just uses nosteamers as filler pretty much, when it hits the cap of 54~ i think. The nosteamers arent really able to join anymore. So the thought was that steam users will slowly replace the nosteamers when the server is full.

    These rants are just demotivating for me at this point, it's like criticism mixed with a personal vendetta. Not much fun too read for anyone
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  7. Nivinski

    Nivinski Sturmbahnführer Retired Admin

    Please do the world a favor and throw yourself off a cliff.
  8. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Admin

    Very unnecessary comment, Nivinski. You are not being any better than what you are implicitly going against.
  9. Backy

    Backy VIP VIP

    I just wanted to come in here and chime in since I have been hearing about this situation from several sources, and I have made many observations over the years regarding the server, it's admins/community, and how it's run (leaders). I have never shared these because frankly I'm not involved in this community and playing CS:S less lately I have no reason to even stop by the server. I heard some things that angered me and felt I'll just dump some thoughts here.

    TLDR; Be more consistent. You have a lot great admins, but also some who don't do anything other than when they are butt-hurt. Get your leadership structure in order. Server seems even more of a chaotic mess than GFL at times. Regarding this specific issue, imo both parties are at fault and wronged each other but "removing people from the community" won't solve anything.

    - Your leadership and organization structure seems lacking from the outside. It really seems like you guys let shit go wild and admins and regulars act berserk until somebody gets butt-hurt and then suddenly it's "serious time". This is not specifically regarding this encounter and I respect both parties (d3jade and Schick). This seems very disconnected. It just seems like there is no oversight or standards. Admins do as they please and suddenly when they choose, "admins should not be insulted and respected above all". Don't kid yourselves. Being admin doesn't give you special rights or immunity. If anything you better be a tough cookie and be ready to take a lot of heat and shrug off countless small insults or jokes. What good will come and how does it look when you act one way and suddenly when you choose it to be so it's time to enforce things or be serious.

    - You guys got some great admins but you also have a lot of incompetent admins and players with opinions that legitimately are just imbecilic. Sorry to be blunt. I'm a huge advocate for democracy but common sense is even more important. You can't just try to please everyone with every little quirk or silly idea they may have.

    - If someone isn't cheating, trolling, or threatening the server, why would you even consider removing them from the server (at all; even temp ban). Talking permanently is just a disgrace and shows incompetence. Anyone who thinks a verbal argument should end in a perm-ban, just resign, right now. This may be individuals who just aren't suited for admin or just lack of guidance from higher-ups (yes I'm going back to this) on what to do.

    In this specific situation, I think both parties are at fault. Regardless of Schicksal's admittedly rash behavior and overreactions at many times, he has done a lot more for this server than most of you. Few of you realize the true value of a dedicated leader and even less of you will ever experience what it feels like. I can say from years of experience that when you are leading or actively engaging with your mic on the server, you are a LOT more involved. When something goes wrong or even right, it's a lot more impactful for that person. So although throwing a fit is an overreaction by Schicksal, d3jade doing what he did to spite Schicksal (he admitted he did it to spite him when Schick insulted him) is just extremely immature and not accurate behavior for a higher-up.

    So yes, both were wrong. D3jade also I am sure felt very attacked, but you gotta be tough buddy. Even for a repeat offender like Schick. Both were at fault, but both players are important to the community. It's all about points of view. You gotta see it from both. Those that are blindly advocating for bans or 'removals from the community' when they have no idea about the situation or how to even handle such a thing just to side with d3jade (a la USA stick with your own police-murder-cover-up style) or using this as an excuse to push your own dislike for Schicksal into administrative decisions are just despicable.

    Read this or don't. It's someone from the outside looking in that has a better idea about these things than most of you and isn't playing either side. Just throwing my 2 cents in here, which may not help, but I can't stand idle with some of the bullshit I've seen over the years and today. Also it's the internet which doesn't surprise me by the amount of keyboard warriors in this community, but please try to be more open-minded, people...

    P.S. Not having a scroll bar is ridiculous and the silliest thing I've seen in a while.
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  10. FroZeeNN

    FroZeeNN Etro's Knight Admin VIP

    Once again magnifying stuff too much . The map was already finished they were only bonus levels for fun. We haven't even played all the stage after dejade changed into it . I was there for those 2 hours tryharding every single moment to make my teammates beat the map but i didn't complain. You know that i have nothing against you Schicksal i was trying to be nice to you as much as i could . But you are only using your personal hate towards someone to do whatever you want. It would not be the same if someone from the admins you "like" did this. Because its just dejade . You even insulted him like a slave in the server but he didn't say anything he could have muted you for admin disrespect and trashtalking but he didn't. Nobody asked to play the rtv 1 Level but we played it and we didn't complain why do you . Sadly the guy joined in that rtv1 level and wanted to play rtv2 its his right as a player he is for sure one of the most active/helpful admin here its not about abusing he was worth to enjoy the map and after all those were only bonus levels.
    And for the guy up there who thinks he is helping and doing this for the good advantage of the community . You are supposed to calm down the mess here not light it up. You think higher ups aren't doing their jobs then try to be an admin for more than 3 years and then complain . And i can say that we have enjoyed well the map and beaten it. Dejade haven't caused anything that might dammage the server.
    I hope this ends now and try to enjoy the game without complaining about everything that happens.
  11. Glacius

    Glacius The Frosty One Senior Developer

    Skimming through the thread I'd like to point out that the structure here on Unloze is much more Technical than on GFL, for example.
    All higher-ups have their own things to do and keep in a working order. Higher ups on Unloze are not particularly the driving power on the server.

    I could list all the things that happen behind the scenes for each "higher-up", but I'd just be wasting my time.
    The people who are supposed to keep the ZE players in check are mostly Global Admins, Admins and Advisors.

    For example, jenz is working extremely hard on the CS:GO ZE server right now.
    He is making structural changes, asking people from the community to help him out and looking for plugin changes and new admins.
    Not to mention he sits on the server for ridiculous amounts of hours a week, so saying he's doing nothing is kind of rude.

    Oh, and as for the no-steam thing;
    We made a system that FAVORS Steam players OVER non-steam players.
    We had them muted / gagged because we thought they would cause havoc and afaik are currently or are soon going to restrict their spray usage.
    A lot of work went into perfecting the current non-steam population on the server, we didn't just flip a switch and call it a day.

    All this drama basically boils down to players not knowing what happens in the background, or to simple mistake in judgement.
    I do agree, that we should be more transparent about changes and work that is being done, but that's up to each of the higher-ups.
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  12. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight I'm a knight. And I'm hungry. Retired Admin

    Of course, fuck the other players, they are less important, right? What a dumb argument.

    You judge people too hastily.
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  13. FroZeeNN

    FroZeeNN Etro's Knight Admin VIP

    Pls i didn't say any of this . I am one of the other players you talked about . What do you mean by "fuck them " you make it look like he burned the server for his own fun or something . And after all i don't win anything supporting dejade i am only here to calm down stuff . Unlike many others who make it look bigger can't you people get over it and stop being childish. And btw I have spent more time on this server than you did so i know well everyone more than you do and i know what i am talking about .
  14. ॐSinov

    ॐSinov New User

    I Will read all of this... Todaaaaaaaaymorrow
    ZzzZZZzzzZzZzz.. :)
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  15. Schicksal

    Schicksal Well-Known User

    What a fucking joke. Reading your posts makes me actually think you are legit braindead and not even considering to read what you are writing yourself, lmao. You actually made my day with this. He replied what you wrote? What is wrong about it. Think twice what you are writing and how you are explaining something. If people interprete it that way its your own fault. Its your own text.You are the one that chose those words.

    Yes reading out of your post it comes definitely like Dejade was able to abuse how ever he wants because he was "active/helpful..... its not abusing he was worth to enjoy the map."

    Saying childish....but yet you come with the most childish point possible:"I spent more hours on the server than you",so your opinion doesnt matter wäääh.

    From my history most people know I never favoured anyone. I had fights with many years long known friends. Many can definitely agree with me. If it was not dejade and someone else, I would have fucking yelled on him as well. Dont come to me with favourtism. Favourtism doesnt exist for me. Friends make people weak, but not me. But a true friendship isnt about defending someone else, it is about staying neutral and acting matured enough sticking to the truth and pointing out the point of view someone else witnessed from what ever source possible. Thats true friendship and thats why I want to thank Backy alot for staying neutral and pointing the faults of both sides out. This was going to be my last post. Enjoy your days everyone.
  16. FroZeeNN

    FroZeeNN Etro's Knight Admin VIP

    K gn
  17. Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight I'm a knight. And I'm hungry. Retired Admin

    Use words more carefully next time, because it sounds like I said.

    You clearly don't, if you think Backy has no experience in this matter at all.
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  18. yoshmi

    yoshmi VIP VIP

    guys don't stop, keep on doing this forever, feed me more
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  19. jenz

    jenz UNLOZE Founder Leader

    alright this is kind of derailing, this should get closed, mostly because of our own admins.

    sorry i dont sit on css anymore i make plugins for our csgo ze now and try to build a playerbase + getting admins along the way.

    And d3j4de also has to write a post in this thread explaining himself. no post = demotion. I will lock the thread but he should still have access for writing a reply.
  20. D3J4de

    D3J4de Weebmin Senior Admin

    I won't go too detailed about what happened on the server as it seems it's not the main point here. You may have your own view if it was abuse or not.

    The only thing I appreciate about this mess is that you don't like the current state of our admin team and how you want changes to happen. Now, threatening people to remove me or get removed is something that I feel goes beyond wanting changes, you just want to fuck me around, trying to topple me off. Sure you may feel that the community would go on a better way once I would be gone, but in reality, little or nothing would happen.

    For @Backy , It is nice to see you pop on here and show off your concerns, most likely due to this uproar. I still want to say about my "spite" that it is completely wrong. I never ever would use my admin powers to cause harm and restrain to anyone, unless it is totally justified by rules. My acts during the map were based on quick assumptions that they had already done the map fully and I saw couple guys asking for another level, so I chose to do so. I am well experienced enough both as an admin and as a player to know whats going on, but even I do mistakes.

    Shick and many others may have noticed that me and maybe even more Zegawa have been busy lately, but that's just our own life eating the time from actually playing. I will say that the current new admins me and Zegawa chose have been doing good work and from what I have seen, the server has stayed quite staple with both casual and tryhard ze going on. I feel like you are getting the idea that since the higher-ups are not hanging around on the server, nothing is going on. But the true driving force is our admins, how they interact with people etc. No admin team is perfect, so it is healthy from time to time to check and see the whole picture and fix it, if necessary.

    I appreciate the more coherent and constructed posts in this thread. My personal feeling is, that this is just a personal attack fueled by mediocre forceful thing I did, justifying his hate towards me to try and get something to happen on the community. I have gotten many messages during last couple hours and I have many people defending me on this case.

    Thanks for the little meaningful critic you mentioned. Otherwise, I hope I won't see you acting like this anytime soon, or even better, anymore.
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