Rampage for ZR admin.

!-ZRampagewarriorZ-! May 16, 2020

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  1. 1. -Nickname : Rampage.
    -Age : 15.
    -My Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:420733814.
    -Server you are applying for : CSS:ZR
    -Current Activity : Usually Active everyday , except for Sunday.

    2. Why do you want to be an admin?
    I want to be an admin here because I want to make server greater and I'm fairly sure that I can help any players,
    current admins and the community.

    3. What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?
    Sadly... I have no experience as an admin at all :( , But I know a lot of ZR map and some commands.

    4. Can you play during edgy hours?
    Yes, I can.

    At first, I would spec the suspect player and I'm SURE That player is doing/using something illegal, I would give him a warning/explaining but if that player ignores and continues like that without listening to my warning, I'll ban him and record his/her ban history on Sourceban.

    6.Other stuff and/or last words.
    I hope you accept me as an admin, That's all pretty much that I wanna say.

    Also, Thank you for reading my application!
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  2. Dazhkar

    Dazhkar Senior Admin Senior Admin

    Hi ZRampagewarriorZ. Thanks for applying to the zr server but at the moment i think you're still a bit young to join us.
    I'd rather wait before letting you join us.
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