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Jul 2, 2021
Name: melpy/snoopy(old)
Age: 27
Server: CS:S Zombie escape
Current Activity: 4-8 hours/day
Why do you want to be an admin?
Because everyday I encounter numerous trolls and bugs that negatively impact players experience on unloze,
I would like to possess the power to quickly and effectively counteract such trolls and gameplay ruining bugs.

What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?
I was an ICANNT ze admin for a month about 11 years ago, I've been playing zombie mod since before zombie escape maps even existed.
I also know how to bind knife revert.

Can you play during late hours?
I can play any time of day. the time of day that I am active varies week to week

Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate or breaking the server rules on purpose.
I will first issue a warning to this player, if the suspected inflating/rule breaking continues I will then proceed to spectate the player; I will carefully determine if this player is intentionally breaking the rules by taking into consideration any prior record of rule breaking and the players skill level(if inflating is suspected).
If I determine that this player is intentionally breaking the rules, then I will take further action against this player of which I deem to be appropriate based on the severity of the offense and any administrative guidelines.
For any ban I issue with a length exceeding 1 day I will provide video evidence and a timestamped demo to ensure a transparency and fairness in their judgement.

Other stuff and/or last words.
I am confident that the majority of players will benefit from me being admin, there have been countless times(occurring on a daily basis) where there have been no active admins and I have wanted to save a stuck player from a bug or speedily prevent/lessen the effects of rule breaking but I didn't have the power to do so.
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The Frosty One
Oct 11, 2016
Sorry for the hiccup with this thread, your application [Internalized Oppression] Akismet filter and was stuck in moderation queue.
Should be all good now.


Oct 25, 2020
+1 - plays during time periods when there is very little admins on so it would be nice to have some moderation


UNLOZE Founder
Senior Admin
Oct 11, 2016
Hello and sorry for the wait until now. We discussed your admin application several times through the week.
To make it short we decline your admin application this time.
You might know all the things required to do admin duties but we dont see you having any real interest in the community itself. None of the senior admins know you to begin with which already makes it very hard to judge you. You have in fact played here for several years but you mostly avoid any community interaction like on the forum or discord. You are strictly only active in the game and dont see yourself anywhere related to unloze outside the ze server itself. Plus you avoid contact with most people on unloze as far as i can see it myself. You would if you were an admin be very isolated from the rest of the admin team and most of the community and just do things based on your own biased judgement. Which is something we cant exactly have.

People can do mistakes but its really important that communication then already is established and works so that problems can be corrected. However as far as i and the rest of the seniors can tell you still have no communication established. It is kinda required to begin with.

You could apply again in the future but the major point would just be that most admins or seniors should be able to say: "oh ye that melpy guy is alright. sure just give him a chance".
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